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Nanoblack is a black fluid of nanobots, most famous for its use in the Necris process, created by the Phayder Corporation.

Necris process

Kragoth, a Necris assassin

Nanoblack is used in the terribly expensive Necris process, allowing Humans to return from death. These Necris are not alive, but in a state some call undeath. Their skin becomes pale, and often the process causes severe psychological changes in its subjects.

The Liandri had the Phayder Corporation bring back Tournament contestants Lauren, Brock, and Selket as Necris.

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Nanoblack is used to power the unorthodox vehicles used by the Necris army in UT3, unlike the Axon vehicles which are more traditionally powered by Tarydium.

Modulated nanoblack is used as a shield in the prototype Invulnerability technology found in UT3. Though Invulnerability makes its user absolutely immune to any kind of damage, the immense amounts of power consumed by the technology limit its usability. Invulnerability is also subject to the Impact Hammer's EMP attack.

Necris in the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites (UC2) coated their melee weapons in nanoblack, making them deadlier to living creatures. They also use nanoblack missiles to allow them to suck the energy out of targeted enemies like a vampire.


There is a real life substance called NanoBlack, which is a trademarked pure carbon nanomaterial with industrial applications.