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Phayder Corporation

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The Phayder Corporation is a corporation in the Unreal Universe best known for creating the Necris.

Despite the widespread knowledge of the Necris, little is known about the Phayder Corporation itself. The exact details of the Necris procedure are equally unknown. The companies financial status is relatively unknown, however, considering the Necris process expense and the Phayder's possession of entire lakes of nanoblack they could be more or less wealthy than the Liandri Mining Corporation.

"Their famous motto is: 'No-one kills like the dead.'" -Unreal Championship 2

Social Structure: The Phayder created the substance known as Nanoblack to create the super soldiers known as the Necris, but the substance and the resultant Necris Process would have a significant impact on the social order on Omicron 6. Those who have undergone the Phayder's Necris process typically end up with a strong religious connection to the Nanoblack, and while this was not at all intended by the Phayder to begin with, they have since aligned themselves with the Necris' religious doctrines. The Necris are gradually taking full control over Omicron 6, and it is suspected that eventually the entire population of the planet will have undergone the Necris Process.

The Necris, and thereby the Phayder, believe that they are bringing "salvation" to the universe, by giving others "purpose" through death. They consider life to be a weakness and are grateful to the Nanoblack and the Necris Process for their present state of being.

It is conceivable, though only a theory, that the religious goals of the Necris are the expression of the underlying base desires of the Nanoblack itself to propagate and spread.


  • Nanoblack is comprised of billions of tiny nanobots (microscopic robots) and appears as a liquid with low to moderate viscosity in it's "natural" state. The fluid is abundant on Omicron 6, and some large collections shown intra-communication, resulting in a small degree of sentience among the more vast collections.
  • The Necris Process is the reanimation of dead individuals via a transfusion of Nanoblack. The exact cost of the procedure for the Phayder is unknown, however it is extremely expensive for outside groups like the Liandri.
  • The Invulnerability was recently developed as prototype armor, which uses a modulated nanoblack shield to absorb any attack. These devices consume immense amounts of power, however, and last for only a limited time.
  • Infection Tubes are the method the Phayder use to transfer large quantities of Nanoblack to other worlds. The large, dark-gray, vertebrae-like tentacles inject Nanoblack into the terrain and begin not only the deterioration of the existing landscape, but the growth of Necris buildings and technology out of the surrounding environment.


In addition to their other technology, the Phayder Corporation has invested considerable time and money into developing alternative uses for Nanoblack. The outcome of this research is an array of armored vehicles powered by Nanoblack energy. The conflict on Taryd proved that these were more than a match for Axon's own vehicles.