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This volcanic archipelago served once as a gateway in the human wars of the 21st century. Transformed for tournament use, a series of bridges now connects the islands. These bridges, though excellent use for ground based vehicles, do not provide a direct path to battle. Manta's will be the primary choice for transportation.
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Island Hop
Full title Island Hop
Author(s) Ben Beckwith
Players 8-16
Music None
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Island Hop is an Onslaught map consisting of six large islands in a diamond shape, connected via bridges. In the center is a volcanic island, the middle of which houses a Redeemer (see map). On the outskirts of the map are small, secluded islands housing target painters. On each of the diamond islands except the center, there is one powernode for each island, and on the farthest corners on the east and west sides lie the powercores.

This map was included in the ECE of UT2004.

Pickups & Vehicles


Item and Vehicle map
Pickup Location
Target Painter On small remote islands off the coast of nodes 2 & 4.
Redeemer Inside the volcano in the middle of the map.
Shield Pack There's 1 right next to each powercore.
Super Shield On the other side of the powercore's islands.
Keg o' Health 1 in each base (inside the bunker), 1 near powernodes 1 & 3
Double Damage On top of a large rock on the islands of nodes 2 & 4


Vehicle Location
Manta There are 2 Manta's at the bases, and 1 at all the noes.
Scorpion There's 1 Scorpion at every node and base.
Hellbender The Hellbender spawns at nodes 2 & 4
Goliath There's 1 Goliath at each base.
Paladin The Paladin spawns at nodes 1 & 3
SPMA The SPMA spawns at the bases.
Energy Turret There are 3 turrets at the bases, 2 at nodes 2&4, and 1 at nodes 1&3

Node Layouts


As the description for the map suggests, the optimal form of transportation is the manta due to it's ability to float over water. For some reason, all ground based vehicles take damage rapidly and explode when they tread water deep enough. Swimming is also impractical, as it's slow and makes players vulnerable.