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Deep-space exploration has revealed a phenomenon never before observed-a planetary system with NO sun. Infra-Red light reacting with carbon dioxide in the high atmosphere bathes the planet in a searing, blood-red glow. Experiments have shown that more than 18 hours on this planet will cause irreversible insanity. You won't live that long...
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Red Planet
Full title Red Planet
Author(s) Eric 'Swartz' Evans
Players 12-16
Music SDG-ONS02
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Pickups & Vehicles


Item and Vehicle map
Pickup Location
Target Painter The Target Painters are in between nodes 4 & 5, and nodes 1 & 2.
Shield Pack The only Shield Pack is in between the blue base and node #4.
Super Shield There are Super Shields right next to nodes 1, 3 & 5.
Keg o' Health The 2 Keg O' Health's are right next to nodes 2 & 4.
Double Damage The Double Damage pickup is located right next to node #3.


Vehicle Location
Manta There are 2 at the bases and powernodes 1, 3 & 5. There's 1 at nodes 2 & 4.
Scorpion There's 1 Scorpion at every node and base.
Hellbender The Hellbender spawns at every base and node, except nodes 1 & 5.
Goliath There's 1 Goliath in each base, and node #3.
Raptor The Raptor spawns at every node and base, except node #3.
Leviathan The Leviathans spawns at the bases.
Paladin With Bonus Vehicles, the Paladin replaces the Scorpions at nodes 1 & 5.
Cicada With Bonus Vehicles, the Cicada replaces the Raptors at the bases.
SPMA With Bonus Vehicles, the SPMA replaces the Manta at the node #3.
Energy Turret There are 4 turrets at every node, and 3 at every base.

Node Layouts