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Originally designed for urban pacification, the Leviathan found its greatest deployment near the end of the Human-Skaarj War.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Health: 5000
Number of Seats: 5
Driver Abilities: Homing Rockets, Deploy/Fire Ion Cannon
1st Passenger Abilities: Plasma Turret
2nd Passenger Abilities: Plasma Turret
3rd Passenger Abilities: Plasma Turret
4th Passenger Abilities: Plasma Turret
Main Uses: Node Lockdown, Attention Grabber

The Leviathan is the super weapon of the vehicle roster. It can be manned by five people (one driver, four passengers) and each seat has its own weapon to fire. The driver is in control of the homing missile launcher and the main gun whereas the passengers take control of identical energy cannons similar to the Link Gun's primary fire.

What sets the Leviathan apart from the rest of the vehicles in UT2004 is that it can transform. When stationary the driver can activate the transformation sequence in order to make use of the main gun. The main gun is a giant energy cannon capable of taking out a Power Core in two shots and any vehicle or player in one direct hit. As with the Ion Plasma Tank the main gun takes a couple of seconds to charge before it can be fired.

Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 leviathan.png
Health: 6500 (vehicle), 1000 (each turret)
Number of Seats: 5
Driver Abilities: Stinger Shards, Deploy/Fire Ion Cannon
1st Passenger Abilities: beam turret, shield
2nd Passenger Abilities: rocket turret, shield
3rd Passenger Abilities: stinger turret, shield
4th Passenger Abilities: shock turret, shield
Main Uses: Node Lockdown, Attention Grabber
The Leviathan "super vehicle" is the ultimate expression of Axon military firepower.

This behemoth is the size of a building, supported by 8 wheels. Each wheel is more than 3 meters in diameter. Infantry accessible turrets sit along the upper deck of the vehicle, strategically located near each corner to ensure maximum protection capability and shield coverage.
The Leviathan's massive girth is required to support the true center piece of Axon weaponry. The backbone of the vehicle deploys outward and upward to expose an orbital-grade ion cannon. Powered by two quantum-fusion impulse reactors, drawing all energy and matter out of the immediate area. This singularity explodes outward with devastating force. The resulting shockwave annihilates everything within its radius.

There are documented cases of Leviathans single-handedly leveling entire cities; anything less than a full battalion assault against a fully-manned Leviathan is nothing short of suicide.
UT3 manual

Using the Leviathan

Compared to its immense firepower, the Leviathan is astoundingly lacking in the defensive department if only manned by a single person. Its entire offensive and defensive potential can only be activated if all of its turrets are manned as well. These turrets are very similar to the four types of stand-alone turrets, except that the Leviathan's stinger turret is hit-scan and its shots somewhat look like those of the beam turret.

All four turrets are equipped with small shields similar to that of the Paladin. When activated, a shield lasts for about 3.6 seconds and then needs about 4.5 seconds to recharge. The shields should not only protect the Leviathan, but also the turrets themselves, because they can be destroyed separately.

The Leviathan's driver has a separate stinger turret that fires huge Tarydium shards with a lot of damage potential. Deploying and undeploying take quite some time, during which the driver cannot use any of the two main weapons. Once deployed, the driver gains control over the Leviathan's main ion cannon. The cannon needs about 1.8 seconds to power up before releasing a devastating shock wave and then needs another 2.7 seconds to recharge.

Always keep at least one seat manned. You will be very, very sorry if your Leviathan is hijacked by the enemy team and turned against you!

Going against the Leviathan

A Leviathan can take quite some beating before eventually going down. It can do considerable amounts of damage, even if only manned by a driver. A team needs to concentrate all of its firepower to prevent an enemy Leviathan from reaching the power core.

If any of the Leviathan's turrets are manned, concentrate fire on them while their shields are down to destroy them as quickly as possible. Any damage to the turrets is also applied to the Leviathan itself. So concentrating on turrets won't slow down destruction of the entire vehicle, but weakens its defensive potential.