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Planet ID: MX-2389, Purgatory
Planet Type: Volcanic
Average Temperature: 54 Celsius
Population: 107,835
Main Export: Sulfur compounds
Main Import: CO2 Scrubbers

The Imperial Reeducation Facility on Purgatory is the final stop for enemies of the Empire. When sentenced to reeducation hardened criminals have been known to weep, or beg for mercy even as the Overseers drag them away. Many believe that these monsters get what they deserve, but the monsters that are produced in the facility's incubators would drive them mad with fear.

Purgatory is a volcanic planet in Unreal Championship, UT2003, and UT2004.

Although levels set on Purgatory appear in UT2003/4, the planet is only named in UC, and used only in its storyline. According to UC, a team of Nightmare (called "Black Legion" in UT2003/4, simply "Nightmare" in UC) is from Purgatory.

UT2003 levels set on Purgatory are: DM-Inferno, DOM-ScorchedEarth, CTF-Magma, and CTF-DE-LavaGiant2.