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Return to Na Pali Intro

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The introduction to Unreal - Return to Na Pali is composed of three separate sequences.

The story follows on directly from that of Unreal, after an unknown lapse of time. Intro1.unr is a cinematic depicting the player's rescue from his Skaarj escape pod by the UMS Bodega Bay. Intro2.unr is a flashback sequence showing scenes from NyLeve's Falls, Harobed Village and Nali Castle. InterIntro.unr is the first of the game's many intermissions between levels, in which the player's own thoughts are spoken in the form of a first "Log Entry".

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The cutscene fades into an asteroid field. The camera moves through an asteroid field. Titles begin to show:

GT Interactive

Epic Games

and Legend Entertainment


Unreal: Return to Na Pali

When the titles end, the following scene begins:

Your Skaarj escape pod lies adrift beyond an asteroid belt above the planet's atmosphere. You do not know for how long you've been up here, but your sentence is about to end.

A huge Terran military battle cruiser enters orbit of the planet, and starts to tractor you in. Between the bridge of the battle cruiser and the nearest UMS space station, a communication takes place.

UMS BODEGA BAY: Deep space warship UMS Bodega Bay requesting a priority translight transmission with UMS sector control.
STARLIGHT BASE: Bodega Bay, this is Starlight Base, go ahead.
UMS BODEGA BAY: Starlight Base, we picked up a life pod of alien origin as we came into orbit, with one human survivor aboard who claims to have escaped from the planet. The survivor will not disclose identity even under interrogation. DNA Scans are being uploaded for identification, please advise.
STARLIGHT BASE: Stand by Bodega Bay...

There is a slight pause, after which the dialogue resumes:

STARLIGHT BASE: Bodega Bay, your survivor is UMS prisoner 849, last assigned to prison transport vessel Vortex Rikers. Vortex Rikers recently disappeared in your sector; prisoner 849 is classified as missing, and presumed dead.
UMS BODEGA BAY: Starlight Base, permission to use the rescued prisoner for operation Talon Hunter. The prisoner has extensive knowledge of the planetary surface and hazards. Prisoner 849 is the natural choice to search for the wreck of the Prometheus and recover the Talon data cores.
STARLIGHT BASE: Bodega Bay, you are clear to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the success of operation Talon Hunter.

So you're going back... and after some flashbacks of previous locales including NyLeve's Falls, Harobed Village and Nali Castle (complete with Nali), the scene cuts to a cabin aboard the Bodega Bay where the prisoner is recording a log entry:

A day after my so-called rescue, and I'm going back to the surface of the planet. They've promised me a full pardon and transit back to earth in exchange for my help. The alternative was a trip out the airlock without a suit... I agreed to take the mission. My job is to find the wreck of another ship, the Prometheus, and recover the data cores for some new secret weapons research project... when I've got the cores, I'm supposed to go to the bridge of the crashed ship and activate the ELT Transmitter. The ELT will pinpoint my location for pickup.

They need me because they don't know exactly where the Prometheus went down - apparently the Tarydium in the planet below is wreaking havoc with their scanners. They figure that I learned a thing or two in my last romp on the surface - if anyone can find their missing ship, I can... I'm a little better prepared than last time; they've given me a military issue Combat Assault Rifle, a new portable SCUBA unit for underwater, and this computer log. They've also made logistics drops of ammo, weapons and other supplies. So, I did it before and I'll do it again, but it won't be easy. They call it a salvage mission... I call it a return to hell.

It all begins again... back to square one. After the log finishes, hit the left mouse button to start the game.

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