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Bounds of Foundry

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Bounds of Foundry is the fourteenth map in Unreal - Return to Na Pali's single player game.

Cliff Bleszinski
Reaching the fringes of the Tarydium processing and purification plant, you arrive in a waste treatment facility for Tarydium byproducts. Pools of sludge make this hazardous terrain for you... but you have to press on regardless.

Weapons and Items



Creatures and Enemies




This walkthrough was completed on Medium difficulty. Creature and item placements may differ on other difficulty settings.

You start in the corridor leading from the exit of the previous level. The corridor leads round to the right, so follow it. Going round a corner to te left, you emerge in an outdoor area on a walkway above a pool of hazardous sludge.

Follow this walkway. You will approach a raised section of walkway blocking your path. You will also see a Super Health Pack high up above a buttress to the right, but you can't reach it from here. To lower the raised section, press the lever attached to the right support pillar for a gantry above the walkway. The obstruction lowers, completing the walkway and revealing a large Behemoth. Flak bomb it until it dies, then continue along the walkway, following in as it corners round to the right. You will soom go through a door and enter a corridor within the facility.

Follow the corridor. You will see glass windows to either side behind which are useful items. As you continue down the corridor, the last pair of windows smash open and a Brute comes out. Kill it. Visit the alcoves revealed by the breakage of the last two windows for a box of 10 Flak Shells and a Health Pack. Then, return down the corridor and smash the other four windows to obtain a Health Pack, another box of 10 Flak Shells, a box of 8 Rifle Rounds and an Assault Vest.

Back at the starting end of the corridor, look up at the roof in the direction of the entrance. You will see a hole in the ceiling and a button on the wall beneath it. You may wish to use your Searchlight to illuminate the wall if you don't immediately see the button.

Shoot the button. A panel opens in the corridor wall to the right. Entering the revealed passage, you can climb the steps within to obtain a pair of Jump Boots at the top. Now that you have the boots, you can obtain the Super Health Pack you saw earlier. Return down the steps and go outside. Stand on the main straight of the walkway facing the buttress. Using your Jump Boots, do a run jump from that position. You will land on the intermediate level of the buttress. Do another jump, and you land on top where you can collect the Super Health Pack.

Collect the pack then follow a hole in the wall from your position. Turning left, you will follow a short passage before dropping back down into the corridor through the hole in the ceiling by the button. Follow the corridor into the facility. Go the full distance this time. Turning right out at the end, you will arrive in a room above a waste tank below where sludge flows up an unbreakable glass pipe to the right.

Go on into the room. A ramp at the back leads up onto a low balcony. Go beneath the ramp and into the recess there for two Clips. Then, step back into the room and climb the ramp onto the balcony. Follow the balcony round to the right. It turns a corner round the outside of the room, leading you past a doorway, towards a panel. Near the panel, a Toxin Suit is stored behind a glass window but you can't break it. So, return along the balcony and go through the door instead.

You are lead on an anticlockwise curve round a corridor. At the half way point, you will pass a lift shaft and a large red button on the left.

Leave the lift for the moment and follow the corridor on round. You will shortly emerge on a low balcony in another tank room that is symmetrical with the previous one. Watch out here though for a Pupa that attacks from the side. Kill the Pupa then go along the balcony towards the panel to the right and open a wooden crate there for a box of 10 Flak Shells. You will see a second Toxin Suit behind another unbreakable glass window here too.

Drop to the floor of the room and kill the Pupa that attacks from under the balcony. Then, go under the balcony ramp for a box of 8 Rifle Rounds. You're done here, so return to the room and climb back onto the balcony. There, go back through the door and return to the lift you saw earlier.

Press the large red button. The lift will descend. Step aboard and ride it up to the top; you will be in a small foyer guarded by a particularly nasty SkaarjAssassin. Kill the Skaarj - you may end up going up and down the lift several times in the process. In the foyer: there are two boxes of 10 Flak Shells available to either side of a corridor that goes straight out of this area. Collect the ammo, then follow this corridor through to the next area.

This next area turns out to be a balcony room raised above the two tank rooms, which are to either side. The balcony is guarded by a SkaarjWarrior that you should kill. Then, at this end of the area, go to the balcony edges to either side to retrieve two ASMD Cores. Go to the back of this area and destroy two sludge barrels there. In the shadows there is a door which opens as you approach, revealing a T-junction with corridors leading off to either side beneath a madly flickering light.

Enter the junction and kill the SkaarjWarrior and Pupae that attack from the sides. Then, take a left along the corridor from the junction, entering the next area which is a kind of control room.

Read the large slanted panel on the left in this control room for some information [1].

A corridor leads out of the control room to the left. Follow it, killing another Pupa lurking at the end. You will find a large control wheel at the end of the corridor; activate it. Return through the control room to the T-junction and go straight across. You will enter another control room - this whole part of the plant is symmetrical. Read the panels here [2].

Proceed through the corridor to the right here and you will find the other pump control area. This one is guarded by three Pupae - kill them, then activate the second pump wheel. The ground rocks and you hear an explosion. Warning lights and alarms activate above you. Looks like all hell has let loose...

Return through the control room and approach the T-junction. Upon arrival, you will be charged by a Behemoth. Kill the Behemoth then return from the junction to the balcony area above the tank rooms. Drop off the balcony edge to the right such that you land on the raised area of the first tank room.

The glass pipe to the sludge tank has been smashed by the explosion, and you're going to take a swim. First, though, heed the warnings of the panels and collect the Toxin Suit from the alcove to the side - the glass winow has been removed. Now, drop to the floor of the room and approach the pipe, then dive into the sludge.

You land in a short submerged section of curving pipe. Follow it down and you emerge in the sludge tank proper. In the tank, you can go in either direction to your sides - go first to the left. Following the tank round a corner, you will reach a dead end where you can collect a Super Health Pack from the floor. Switch to your Combat Assault Rifle, Stinger, ASMD or another good underwater weapon, then head back through the tank. Kill a Slith that attacks you as you return to the main part of the tank. Remember that the Toxin Suit will protect you from the Slith's saliva attack but not from its claws - and that taking damage will compromise your Toxin Suit.

When the Slith is dead, proceed through the tank, collecting a Clip from the recess opposite the pipe by which you entered. At the end of the tank, you will pass through a sludge tunnel, shortly emerging in the other part of the tank beneath the other room.

This part of the tank stretches on ahead. If you have taken damage and your suit has been weakened, you might want to go through the pipe on the right which leads out into the second tank room so that you can collect the second Toxin Suit you saw earlier. When you're done, proceed through the second part of the sludge tank. Turning round to the left at the corner ahead and following the tank to the end, you can surface and climb out of the gunge into a corridor.

Follow this corridor loop round in either direction from where you surfaced. At the other end, you will reach a doorway and a short corridor that lead to an outdoor area where a LesserBrute snipes from a raised balcony to the left. Kill the LesserBrute. This outdoor area has a central passageway that leads to another door ahead, and there are ramps to either side that lead up on to the raised balconies. Climb the ramps onto the raised balcony to the right to find a UMS drop box that reveals a Rocket Launcher.

Go to the back end of this balcony. There's a hole there down to a sludge tank. Toxin Suit permitting, drop down into the ankle-level sludge. You are in one of four such small tanks connected by a ring of dry tunnels. Go clockwise round the ring - the first two tunnels contain a 25kg can of Tarydium Sludge each. The tanks themselves contain damaged lifts. The third tank will contain a UMS drop box that reveals a Grenade Launcher. The fourth tank contains an undamaged lift - step on it and ride to the top to emerge on the opposite balcony above.

Step off the balcony and approach the other entrance from this outdoor area. There, you can collect a GES Biorifle and two further 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge. Proceed into the corridor from the entrance here to collect an ASMD, but watch out as you do so because doors open ahead to reveal a SkaarjWarrior right in your face.

Kill the Skaarj and follow the corridor beyond. Curving round to the right, you emerge in an outdoor area where a SkaarjLord ambushes you from the left. Back off and kill the Skaarj, then return to the outdoor area and look around.

You are on a walkway raised above the ground level below. Supports placed periodically on either side hold the walkway in place. Go to the point ahead where the walkway corners to the left, on the way visiting one of the supports on the left for a can of 12 Eightballs, and open a UMS drop box at the corner for a pack of 10 Grenades. Then, drop off the walkway onto the ground area below.

Explore the ground area. It is an L-shaped piece of grass with metal causeways around the edges. If you visit the corners at the far ends of the area, you can collect a total of four ASMD Cores. You will also find a UMS drop box that contains another pack of 10 Grenades. When you're done collecting gear, go to the turning point of the L-shaped area. You will see a corridor entrance; go inside and you will find that it leads to a lift.

Enter the corridor but don't go up the lift yet - you can hear Pupae hissing at the top. So, lob a couple of Grenades up the lift shaft to dispose of them. Then, step aboard the lift and ride it to the low corridor at the top. Collect the Health Pack there then follow the corridor round to the right. A wall will open and you can descend one of the supports back on to the raised walkway.

Follow the walkway now towards the door at the far end. Visit an intermediate support on the right for a Health Pack. When you reach the far end, visit the supports to either side for two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Open the door at this end of the walkway. Kill a SkaarjAssassin that ambushes you from beyond. Entering, follow the corridor inside round to the right and kill the two Pupae that crawl out from a recess on the right. Then, go to the end of the corridor and through the doors there to arrive in a large room.

This room is some kind of hangar. There are some large garage-type doors on the left and a large crane mounted on roof beams. First things first, you will probably hear something coming through doors behind you, so go back out into the corridor and dispose of the incoming SkaarjWarrior.

Return to the hangar. You are on a slightly raised balcony. Step forwards on to some boxes for two ASMD Cores. Then, go to the far end of the room. On the way check the huge door - it is locked. At the far end of the room go beneath the balcony for an Assault Vest. There are steps back up to the balcony here, so go up them and collect the replacement Toxin Suit from on top. Follow the balcony to the left, going via a Health Pack on a box nearby if you need to, and approach the large lever at the end with a picture of the crane above it. The lever does not activate - you get this message [3].

Drop back down to the floor of the hangar and look to the right of the balcony steps. A ramp slopes down to a corridor full of sludge. Ahead at the far end you will see a room with a control wheel.

First, submerge and go down into the tank beneath the room with the control wheel. You are in a tank with barred entrances through to another tank - the bars are locked, but you can take this opportunity to safely dispose of a Slith beyond. Return to the corridor and surface, climbing out into the room with the control wheel. Look to either side - you can collect two ASMD Cores from near two sets of small sealed doors. Activate the control wheel and the sealed doors open; go through the ones to the right and collect the Health Pack beyond, but watch out for a Slith in the room to the left.

The doors have sealed again behind you, so go on into the room. There, you will find a red button on the left wall beneath a panel with a picture of the crane on it. Press the button. Now, if you continue on round to the left, you can collect a Health Pack but you are just back at the other sealed doors and they won't open. So, return to the area by the control button and drop through a hole in the floor there into a sludge tank below.

This tank is the one you saw barred off just now. Approach one of the sets of bars and it opens, allowing you to pass through. Return through the sludge to the ramp up to the hangar. Climb back out into the hangar, but beware two Pupae which drop off the balcony from behind.

Use the steps to climb back onto the balcony. The crane controls should be active now, so go along the balcony and press the lever. The crane swings into action, swivelling around the room and smashing into the huge garage-type door.

With explosions, part of the door smashes open. Drop to the floor and go through the gap into the room beyond - beware a Pupa that attacks from ahead. Go into the room and round the next corner - you'll have to kill a SkaarjAssassin and another Pupa, so be ready. Further into the room is a door on the left which is locked. Continue round the room. Shortly you'll reach steps onto the raised area to the right. If you're short of Eightballs, go up onto that balcony and follow it right round to its end, where you can open wooden crates for a can of 12.

Continue round to the end of the room. Turning left, you'll emerge in a large room with a huge raised storage tank in the middle. There's a balcony above you. Look up and around until you see a Behemoth on patrol. Kill it while you have the element of surprise.

Go to the far end of this large room. Ahead to the left is a doorway into a corridor. As you reach the end of the huge tank on the right, two Pupae attack from beyond some control panels. Kill them. Then, go to the right past the control panels. You'll find a lift in the corner onto the balcony the Behemoth was patrolling. Ride it up and look at the tank from above - it is sealed shut. Follow the balcony right round the room. At the corners you'll find two Health Packs, and at the far end wooden crates reveal an Eightball Gun and two cans of 12 Eightballs.

Drop back down at this end of the room. Go through the corridor entrance you saw before. Following the corridor clockwise, a SkaarjAssassin attacks out of an alcove to the right which also contains a Toxin Suit. Kill it but don't collect the Toxin Suit yet.

Go on round the corridor. In the next straight stretch, a Pupa attacks from behind conduits to the left. Kill the Pupa, then go between the two verticals and round behind for two 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge.

Go along the corridor. At the end, press a large red button on the right to call a lift ahead. As the lift descends, kill the SkaarjWarrior that comes down with it. Step aboard and ride the lift up - if necessary, call it again. At the top, turn off to the right and enter the control room there with a view of the huge storage tank.

Collect the two boxes of Flak Shells you find to either side in the control room, then press the lever ahead. Look through one of the viewing windows ahead, and you will see the large storage tank open.

Return to the lift and press the large red button there to descend. Step off and follow the corridor back round to the tank room, collecting that Toxin Suit on the way. Go across the end of the tank room past the panels, and ride the lift onto the balcony again. Select a good underwater weapon (CAR, ASMD, Minigun, Stinger etc.) and jump across to the tank. Plunge in - immediately you will have to deal with a Slith - don't let it destroy your Toxin Suit, or you're scuppered.

Look at either end in the tank. At one end is a can of 12 Eightballs - collect the ammo. At the other end is a pipe - enter it. It leads you downwards, and you emerge at the other end in a large tank of sludge beneath the main room above. Kill a Slith lurking here with your ASMD. Go first to the right. At the end, you'll reach an extension of the tank to the left. Eliminate a Slith that comes from the far end, then go down to the end yourself to get an Energy Amplifier plus two Clips on top of a support. Return to the main tank and go through it to the other end. Collect an ASMD Core from the centre of the floor on the way. At the end, head off to the right down an extension of the tank there. Collect an ASMD Core from the floor by a low entrance to the left and destroy a Slith that sights you from down the tunnel there. Go through the tunnel beyond the entrance and collect another ASMD Core from the floor at the far end.

Stay facing in that direction and surface. You will come out at the end of a shallow pool of sludge. Head immediately across it and climb the ramp at the far end of it onto a raised walkway, because a SkaarjAssassin has seen you and launched an attack - and you don't want to be caught in the Sludge without a suit.

If you still have your suit when the Skaarj is dead, there's a Health Pack in the shallow pool between balcony supports to one side. When you've collected the pack, climb out again and follow the balcony round to the left. You'll reach a door and a button. Press the button to open the door, which leads back out to the room beyond the hangar should you wish to backtrack at all. You however probably don't, so go back out onto the balcony.

Pressing the button has also opened alcoves further round the balcony. The alcoves contain wooden crates - shoot them open to reveal an ASMD Core and a useful Shield Belt. Collect, then go on round the balcony past the ramp out of the sludge. You'll enter a short curving corridor. Follow the curving corridor round to the right. You'll enter the next room and there will be the sound of an explosion from somewhere as a SkaarjAssassin drops down from a hole in the ceiling. Kill the Skaarj and enter the room a bit further. Ventilation grilles at ground level burst open and two Pupae will attack - kill them both.

Go across the room. You'll cross a metal panel in the floor as you approach a lift at the back. Reaching the lift, it descends and you can step aboard to ride it to a raised balcony at the back. Open a wooden crate on the lift for a Health Pack.

At the top of the lift you are on the balcony. Go to the right to find wooden crates that reveal two ASMD Cores, then turn round and go to the other end of the balcony to enter a corridor there. Following the corridor round an anticlockwise curve, you'll reach a small control room. Press a lever here - you'll also get the following message [4].

Once you have pressed the lever, return along the corridor. Expect to be met outside by a SkaarjWarrior. Kill the Skaarj, then look down at the main floor of the room. You'll see that the floor panel has been removed. Drop to the floor and look down the hole.

The hole is a shaft down to a lift at the bottom. Drop down and land on the lift, which spins you rapidly back up into the room above, then up through a hole in the ceiling, shortly arriving in a corridor T-junction. There are three ways you can go from here. The corridor heads off in either direction. The third goes to an outdoor area - take this route now, but expect to be attacked from the right by a SkaarjAssassin.

This outdoor area is some kind of dock, with a small control building in the centre. There's a Skaarj skimmer shuttle here, but it is inoperative. Head along to the left; you'll find an UMS drop box that reveals a pack of 10 Rockets. You'll also be able to look down on to the L-shaped outdoor area from earlier - don't fall in! Here, you can cross one of the support gantries over the gap for a box of 10 Flak Shells.

Continue clockwise round the outdoor area. Jumping over at the next corner, you can go for another UMS drop box that reveals two 50 bullet CAR Clips and a Combat Assault Rifle. A support gantry in this vicinity carries a Health Pack. Go on round and cross the last support gantry for a box of 10 Flak Shells, thereby arriving near the entrance to the control building. Kill a Pupa lurking inside, then open wooden crates to reveal an ASMD Core, a box of 10 Flak Shells and another Pupa. Nothing else that you can do out here after that, so return to the corridor entrance and the T-junction.

From here, the corridor leads off to the left and right. There are also viewing holes ahead down to the room with the balcony below. One of them contains a Health Pack. Both holes have below them ASMD Cores placed on roof beams if you need them, but if you'll get them you'll have to coma back up via the spinning lift.

Take either of the corridors from the T-junction - one of them has a Pupa behind a crate, the other has two, but both lead to the same place. You'll be taken round a curve to a room at the back with a transport cart at the centre.

A SkaarjAssassin guards this room - kill it. Before stepping on the cart, two ASMD Cores raised on boxes in this room can be collected by jumping via a pipe at the back. Shoot the wooden crate on the cart open for a box of 10 Flak Shells, then step aboard and collect the ammo. The cart will take you down a sloping tunnel, before emerging in a room at the bottom where you will be attacked from the left by a Pupa and from above or behind by a SkaarjAssassin.

Look around the room. To the left is a door which is locked. To the right, a doorway leads into a corridor. Boxes here have on top of them a Super Health pack and, over the other side of the room, a box of 10 Flak Shells, but you can't reach them from here, so head off through the open door to your right and enter the corridor.

As you follow the corridor, you will pass a switch bank on the left. Press a lever there and go on round the corridor - you have called a lift at the far end on which there is a LesserBrute. Kill the LesserBrute then ride the lift as it goes back up. You emerge on a balcony above the room. A crane ahead is controlled by a lever on the left. Ignore that for now and go to the edge and look down. You can just see the edge of the boxes carrying the Super Health Pack. With a little bit of nifty control, you can drop down on to the boxes and grab the pack.

Go back round the corridor and activate the lift again, returning to the balcony. Press the lever on the left this time, and watch as the crane swivels across from a balcony on the far side of the room. When the crane reaches your balcony, jump up onto its lower ring and ride it as it swivels back across the room to a similar balcony on the far side.

There's a switch on this balcony and also two wooden crates. Destroy the crates for a Health Pack and an Assault Vest, then press the switch. The locked door on the floor below opens to reveal a corridor. There's a Skaarj in the corridor - snipe it, then drop down to the floor via the box of 10 Flak Shells on the box below.

Enter the corridor and follow it round. As you reach the end, the ground turns into a lift which takes you slowly down. Stepping off to the right at the bottom, you will be in a large dark tunnel lit only by emergency beacons. Go along this tunnel, collecting a box of 10 Flak Shells on the way, until you descend another lift at the end. You will be taken down further into a similar tunnel where you can collect a can of 12 Eightballs. Follow this tunnel to the end and descend another lift. You will arrive in a foggy, fume-filled room with a hole in the centre of the floor. Prepare yourself for a fight, because as you approach the hole, a lift rises up it bringing with it a gigantic mutant SkaarjLord. Take it down as best you can - try not to take too much damage.

When the creature is dead, the lift descends, revealing a dank tunnel at the bottom shallowly filled with sludge. Follow the tunnel. It winds round several times, until you reach a room full of sludge waterfalls. There, climb on to a lift in the centre and ride it up to the top to exit the level.

Translator messages

  1. "Warning: Simultaneous activation of both pumps might result in explosion due to pressure level!"
  2. "WARNING: Remain clear of Tarydium Byproducts unless properly outfitted with a Toxin Suit."
  3. "Crane controls must be activated in lower control room."
  4. "WARNING: Toxic fume buildup exceeds regulation limits. Exercise caution with weaponry near Tarydium byproducts."


The scene cuts to an intermission with a view of the starting area. The player records a log entry.

It took everything I had to get through the rest of that miserable Tarydium processing plant. At least I killed a whole bunch of Skaarj and left the place a real mess [laugh]... the Skaarj won't be using that place for a while. I thought I had it made when I saw the small alien ship in the middle of that seemingly endless plant... I thought I could use it to get off-planet... but it's busted. The shuttle is my only escape.

When the log entry is complete, press Fire to start the next level.

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