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Singularity Cannon

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Singularity Cannon
Primary fire
Type: Black Hole projectile
Damage: infty
Fire rate: 0.25/s
Reload time: 4s
Weapon pickup: 667
Ammo pickup: NA/1
Clip capacity: 1
Maximum: 667

A Singularity Cannon is a super weapon of Unreal II. It is only found in the last mission and requires to damage a boss Tosc severely to get the weapon. The Singularity Cannon appears to be a natural feature of the Tosc, as it is obtainable only by shooting an arm of a Tosc off. The Singularity Cannon can only hold one projectile at a time and when picked gives the full clip - 667 projectiles. They appear in the HUD as 1 in clip and 666 in backpack. As there is only one mission this weapon can be used, one Singularity Cannon pickup is enough for the whole game. There is no ammo pickup for the Singularity Cannon in the game as it is not needed, but in botmatch maps the ammo, called Quantum Cores, can be added, thus it doesn't have a model, appears like a 2D icon of bullets and supplies only one projectile.

The Singularity Cannon projectile, attracting the water on Severnaya
Primary fire
Fires a somewhat slow moving warp to space. Any creature that the Black Hole hits is shot to another universe, that is, instantly killed. The mini black hole also attracts objects, such as pickups, players, creatures, other projectiles, even particles. Once a player or creature is in the projectile's gravitational field, it distorts, is attracted to the center and dies. Pickups such as weapons, health and ammo are also attracted, but aren't destroyed. Instead, they are just thrown somewhere away and are still available to pick up. Sometimes, after killing an opponent, gibs come back out of the black hole. The projectile has a very small collision radius, therefore it can fly though small holes, making this weapon even more effective.
Secondary fire
Not implemented. But the editor reveals that it was originally planned to be a Quantum Wave. The specifics are unknown, but it was a projectile that emanated wind-like sounds.
This weapon is very straight forward. It's best used on slow heavy big creatures like Tosc. Due to the gravitational field around the projectile, this weapon is dangerous to both enemies and allies; however, it will never attract the owner. The weapon is also less effective against deployables as they are not attracted. However, the projectile flies right through the deployables without exploding, causing enough damage to destroy the deployable.
The Singularity Cannon projectile
The weapon is also less effective against heavy-armored troops, as the heavy armor weighs too much to be effectively attracted; however, due to the slow speed of the heavy troops, they are less capable of avoiding the projectiles.
As the Singularity Cannon's projectiles also attract projectiles, there is no way to tell where the projectiles are going to appear after getting through the gravitational field. Therefore the safest spot to stand after shooting a projectile is, ironically, just in the original path of the projectile, as it will get attracted and will never hit the owner of the Singularity Cannon.
The death of the Singularity Cannon's projectile
In botmatches, if a player gets killed by a Singularity Cannon, a line similar to the following appears in the log:
%o was removed from the known universe by %k's Singularity Cannon.
Comparing to the Redeemer of the Unreal Tournament series, the Singularity Cannon is more useful for killing opponents, but is slower. Instead of Redeemer's big explosion that can only be done once and can be hazardous to the owner of the weapon, the Singularity Cannon fires small Black Holes that eradicate the enemy instantly, causing no damage to the owner, even if shot at the ground. The black holes usually don't kill more than one opponent at a time due to the relatively small gravitational field. However, if another enemy would stand near the target, it would be just as doomed. It is somewhat easy to avoid the projectile because of it's speed, but if you fail to get out of the projectile's way, you are instantly killed. The Singularity Cannon gives even 667 shots - far more than enough to win a match. Weapon with firepower comparable to the Singularity Cannon in the Unreal Tournament series is the Enhanced Shock Rifle of Unreal Tournament InstaGib matches. However, the closest weapon to the Singularity Cannon in its use is the Vortex Launcher from Chaos UT and Chaos UT2.