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Skaarj Trooper

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Skaarj Troopers share some tactical similarities to Warriors, but have they are more militaristic than the perhaps more traditional Warriors, and they employ some different tactics and equipment. They wear a different style of armor, have short, stubby tails, and have discarded the Razik for the same weapons employed by the player. Up close, Troopers use the same animations as the Warriors, but they lack the brutal claws, so they appear to beat and pummel the player with their fists instead. All Troopers carry a personal energy shield that absorbs nearly all incoming damage, and will tend to huddle behind it when under fire from hitscan weaponry. They may stay hidden behind this shield for some time, peeking out only momentarily to fire a few shots at the player. They will tend to rely on their adept dodging skill to avoid projectile weapons. Skaarj Troopers are introduced halfway through the game, and the skin is also available as a playable multiplayer model, complete with a larger collision box and 130 health.

Skaarj Trooper

Skaarj Trooper & Infantry's default armor

The second weakest of the caste, this class also shares its name. Troopers are roughly on par size-wise with a Scout (7.5-8 feet) but are yellow in color, and wear light gray/white armor, consisting of shoulder pads, knee-height boots with knee-pads, a pointed helmet, bracers, a light chest-plate and a belt with crotch plate. Although they start out with a Dispersion Pistol and the armor pictured on the right, they may ultimately be found wielding any of the game's weapons, and wear any of the Trooper's armor sets. It is possible for a Trooper to wear an Officer's armor, and the only difference between the 2 classes is their size. As stated above, most Skaarj Troopers will be equipped with a Dispersion Pistol, with which they pose little threat. Others, however, carry Automags or the Marine weapons found in RtNP.

Skaarj Infantry

  • Health: 170
  • Default Weapon: Stinger

Infantry look exactly like Troopers, but generally carry Stingers, making them significantly more deadly opponents. They follow the same tactics and should be dealt with in roughly the same way, keeping in mind that they tend to carry more deadly weaponry than Troopers.

Skaarj Gunner

Skaarj Gunner & Sniper's default armor

A startling cyan in coloration, and wearing slightly less coverage in terms of armor, the Gunner is a heavier set Trooper class that typically wields a deadly Eightball rocket/grenade launcher, making him a significant threat especially in close-quarters. Luckily he's not an overly common enemy.

Skaarj Sniper

  • Health: 140
  • Default Weapon: Rifle

Occurring very rarely, this deadly class carries a Terran Trooper Rifle by default, but has also been seen wielding a GES Bio-Rifle. They appear as thinner Gunners, and are the weakest of all Skaarj classes.

Skaarj Officer

Skaarj Officer's default armor

Rivaling a Lord in size, the Officer wears a full-body armor suit sporting a bright light-blue and reddish coloration. The few areas where its scales are exposed reveal its yellow hue. Officers are the strongest and most aggressive of the Trooper class, and, by default carry a Razorjack, though they can also be found with Hunting Rifles and other weapons. Officers have the potential to be the most deadly of the Skaarj classes, so hit them hard and drop them fast. Note that sometimes Officers are found wearing the cyan-blue armor of the Gunners/Snipers. In those cases their larger size should give them away.

Luminescent Skaarj

A green luminescent skaarj trooper
  • Health: ?

These are experiments that the player will fight while exploring the Skaarj Mothership after destroying the main Generator and plunging the ship into inky blackness. They are translucent, and glow green, which makes them visible in the blackness of the ship. They are strong and aggressive, but ultimately not too much different from regular Skaarj in terms of tactics. Luminescent Skaarj also appear from the Warrior caste, which, unlike the Trooper, come in more then one type of variation.