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This page is about the Unreal animal. Tentacle can also refer to a map feature in WAR-Avalanche.
Health 50
Projectile Damage 12
Melee Damage 0
Abilities: -
Main Appearances:

The Tentacle is an indigenous animal of the planet Na Pali. It resembles a squid and has three tentacles attached to a flat "base". The Tentacle is always connected to a ceiling, and is mostly found in closed environments, such as caverns, houses, and factories. This animal shoots thorns with its central tentacle which does moderate damage.

Tentacles are fairly weak (with only 50hp, and in some exceptions 60hp), and are usually best taken out with a fully-charged Dispersion Pistol secondary shot, time permitting, or with a primary shot after a few powerups are taken. Otherwise, in order to properly "headshot" a tentacle, the shot must land near the top of its main base, right before it flattens out against the ceiling.

They are typically ambush predators, and will hide in obscure, out of the way places and generally be a nuisance. They tend to appear sporadically throughout most of the game, including Rrajigar Mine, the temple of Chizra, the Sunspire, and Dasa Cellars.

Though it is not used, the Tentacle does possess a movement animation, showing it crawling across a ceiling seemingly with the suckers on the top of its head, which are visible after the tentacle is killed. Due to the nature of Unreal's collision detection, it was possible for a dead body to land on a player's head and stay there, a phenomenon occasionally experienced when shooting Tentacles down from the ceiling. Tentacles can also smack their opponent when within range, though this doesn't do any damage, but rather pushes its enemy backwards so it can once again shoot it with its tentacles.