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Cellars at Dasa Pass

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Cellars at Dasa Pass is the twenty-sixth map in Unreal's single player game.

Myscha the Sled Dog
Beneath the Dasa Mountain Pass lies a seemingly endless labyrinth of storage cellars that are heavily defended by Krall and Skaarj. With no alternative, the player must plunge on through enemy hordes and submerged passageways to make his escape into Serpent Canyon.

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This walkthrough was completed on Medium difficulty. Creature and item placements may differ on other difficulty settings.

Now within the Dasa cellars, you face a long slog through these subterranean halls, corridors and rooms. Some of these extensive cellars are flooded and all of them are extensively populated by the Skaarj and their minions; the journey will not be an easy one.

You start just beyond the door you came through at the end of the previous level. You are in a tall circular chamber with a pillar at the centre and exits at the back and on the left.

Go anticlockwise round the pillar, killing a Tentacle that snipes from a recess in the ceiling near the back, then arriving at the back of the room where you can collect an Automag. The back exit leads to another room but it is barred - kill at this point the two KrallElites who shoot between the bars from the room beyond.

You can't go through this exit yet, so go on round to the side exit. Follow the corridor beyond and you go round into a room with platforms and fallen beams over water. This room is guarded by a trio of Krall - kill them (once again I recommend the GES Biorifle). When the Krall are dead, look around. You are on the lower of the three platforms; you can climb the fallen beams to get to the raised ones.

Climb first to the raised balcony on the right. There, barrels contain a box of 8 Rifle Rounds. Go back down and climb up on to the other raised balcony: there, containers reveal a Clip and a can of Tarydium Sludge. There's also a winch handle up here, so turn it. You have opened the bars on the first exit from the circular room. Before returning though, take a dip in the water around the lower platform. This water is patrolled by four Devilfish, but if you're playing on one of the lower skill settings they can each be gibbed in one shot with the Power 5 Dispersion Pistol.

Shoot the four barrels on the floor of the pool. Two of them reveal a pair of ASMD Cores, whilst the other two contain two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Come up for air, then dive back down; shine a light into the dark corner of the pool behind the pillar. You will see an entrance a short way up from floor level on the back wall; go inside and follow the underwater shaft beyond. Surface in the small chamber at the end; here, several Nali corpses are guarded by two Tentacles. When you've killed the Tentacles, you can collect a Super Health Pack from the floor here.

Return along the underwater shaft and climb out of the water back on to the platform. Return down the corridor to the circular room, then go through the newly opened exit clockwise from there. Go through into the room beyond.

The room you are now in has a locked door ahead, a balcony above, a raised alcove on the left, and a lift shaft to the balcony in a recess on the right. Collect of the three Nali Healing Fruit here, then go to the lift shaft. As you approach the lift shaft, the lift descends to greet you. So, step on the lift. As you do so, a Brute in the alcove will spot you and start hurling rockets at you. Dodge his rockets until the lift rises but otherwise ignore him. At the top, step along the stone beam and you will be on the balcony.

On the balcony, two Krall will attack from either side. Kill them, then go anticlockwise round the balcony. At the second corner, you will find an Assault Vest behind barrels containing a can of 12 Eightballs. At the third corner, a crate contains a box of 8 Rifle Rounds. Then, you will come to a winch. Turn the winch and the doors at the far end of the area below swing open. Drop down and go through the doors before they close again. Safely installed in the next corridor, look around. To the right, some large metal grille gates bar the way to a large corridor patrolled by a Brute. Ahead is a locked door. To the left, a small door on the left of the corridor is open while a doorway to the right of the corridor is blocked by bars. Go up to the far end of this stretch of corridor in that direction, and look to the left at the corner.

In this stretch, a fallen beam to the right leads up to the alcove the Brute shot from earlier. Climb the beam and kill the Brute then collect the Clip from nearby. Return to the bottom of the beam, then shoot out of the way the barrels that obstruct your passage to a pair of crucified Nali over a pool of blood at the end. Put the Nali out of their misery.

Before returning to the main stretch of corridor, climb the narrow steps opposite the fallen beam and go on to the beams over the main stretch of corridor below. Collect the Razorjack here then drop down the gap ahead to the corridor floor below. Then, go along in the direction away from the metal gates and take the small open door on the left. Kill the Krall within, then open barrels for a box of 10 Flak Shells. This room also contains a winch operated by a lever. Activate the lever, and the two entrances on the other side of the front corridor are opened, i.e. the bars and the doors.

Go through the opened doors. On entering the corridor beyond, a SkaarjWarrior will dart out from a chamber on the left. Kill him, then another SkaarjWarrior who comes down the corridor from the far end. By the time both Skaarj are dead, the doors will have closed. However, if you go into the chamber on the left, you will find that the bars out to the front corridor which lead off this room have not closed and you can still go out if you want to. You will also find two boxes of 10 Flak Shells.

Return to the inner corridor where you fought the SkaarjWarriors. Look along its length.

Explore the offshoots of this corridor. Openable doors on the left lead only to barred corridors, while open doors on the right are more rewarding, going into a small vault where containers reveal two Clips and 40 Tarydium Shards, but an entrance at the back of this vault is barred off too. Return to the corridor and go along to the junction at the end. On the right there is an alcove where crates reveal three cans of 12 Eightballs. Then, go along the other route from the junction. There, an entrance at the foot of a flight of steps is also barred off. So, climb the steps.

The room at the top of the sweeping staircase is a large partially open-roofed circular room with a wide pillar in the middle. Looks innocuous enough... but go further into the room and things will get a lot worse. A hatch wall on the left opens to reveal an alcove out of which a virtually endless supply of Krall emerges in twos. To make matters worse, a StoneTitan is lurking behind the pillar who'll take a pretty instant dislike to you.

Fortunately for you, the player, the StoneTitan hates Krall even more than he hates you. What you need to do to get out of this room as you are barred in, is to find and press a protruding brick on the back of a big central pillar. This opens a section of wall that is in the patch of light on the dark wall that is to the right as you enter. If you can get the StoneTitan distracted by the Krall, you can avoid both parties while you get out of the room.

If you do have enough ammo and do not want to take risks (recommended for higher difficulty levels), you can kill Titan without waking up Kralls (to make stonewall go away). Enter room just a bit, without barricading entryway on your back. Shoot Titan and it will follow you into corridor. You know what to do. After that, press brick and proceed through secret door.

So, go for it. Enter the room and get the StoneTitan to notice the Krall instead of you by hiding behind the pillar while the Krall come out - you'll need to wake the Titan up yourself first. Then, press the brick and go through the secret door into the corridor beyond.

The secret corridor turns into a flight of spiral steps. Climb the steps to the corridor at the top, but beware the nasty SkaarjAssassin lying in wait along the corridor. When the Skaarj is dead, follow the corridor round and you will come out on a balcony above the room around the central pillar. Go to the left visiting the two boxes of Flak Shells on the way until you can see an alcove above the barred entrance containing a button. Run off so that you fall into this alcove then press the button (don't jump, just run). Be careful not to be squished by the bars over the entrance as they spring back up. When the entrance bars are removed, go down to the floor of the room and retreat down the stairs from the StoneTitan into safety.

If you are willing to brave the Titan room again, go through the previously barred entrance that leads through the outer wall immediately at the bottom of the flight of steps. Follow the corridor beyond round to another pair of bars, which open as you approach, then plunge into the water pool beyond. Follow the pool as it turns into an underwater shaft - soon you can swim up through a grate that opens to collect four cans of Tarydium Sludge and a Flak Cannon from the floor of the cistern you are then in.

Swim up the cistern and surface at the top. Climb out, and you are on the balcony above the Titan room again. Find a safe moment and drop to the floor of the Titan room, retreating once more down the flight of steps. If you consider it worth the risk (I don't), you can go down via the Krall alcove and go to the back to collect the two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards there, but either way, escape from the room and go back down the steps.

Now, go along the corridor to the junction. A new stretch of corridor has been revealed on the left; kill the SkaarjWarrior lurking within, then go along to the end past a pair of Nali Healing Fruit growing out of lifted sections of the floor, pressing the lever at the end. Pressing the lever opened the bars behind the openable doors in the inner corridor, so do an about turn and go down the corridor across the junction, entering the first door on the right and going through the open bars, climbing the ramp beyond. At the top, you will have an altercation with two Krall and a beefy SkaarjLord. Kill all three.

Look around this area. You are in a ring-shaped room with a separate walled off room in the centre; doors at either end of the walled off room are locked. At either end of the ring-shaped room, you can collect two cans of 12 Eightballs from behind pillars. When you've collected what you need, go to the end of the room that was to the left as you entered.

At this end of the room there is a counterweight operated by a pair of levers. Activate the levers, then go to the far end of the ring. You will see a metal grille lift descend with a SkaarjWarrior on it; kill the Skaarj then step aboard the lift yourself (if necessary then call it again). Ride the lift to the top and go through the opening there. You will come out on a high balcony above the inside of the walled off room; look down and you will see that the walled off room is a deep water store with a Super Health Pack inaccessible on a pillar in the centre.

Go to the far end of the balcony and you will see a button. Be sure to press it, as it raises a flight of steps around the central pillar making the Super Health Pack accessible.

Drop down into the water pool. Underwater are four Devilfish; kill the fish, then collect of the four Nali Healing Fruit in the corners of the pool. Swim down to the bottom of the pool beneath the Super Health Pack pillar and you will find a lever there - activate it. Turn round and face the wall of the pool beneath the button you activated above. Shoot a tile just below half way up on the right and it opens to reveal three 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge. Then, swim to the surface and climb out on to the base of the Super Health Pack pillar.

Climb the steps you raised to get the Super Health Pack, then jump off on to the walkway around the edge of the pool. Go to either of the end doors, which are open since you pressed the lever, and go out into the ring-shaped room. From the ring-shaped room, go down the ramps and out into the inner corridor. From there, cross into the small vault. There, you will find that the entrance which was previously barred is open since you activated the lever. Follow the corridor through from the entrance. Soon you will reach another small vault with barrels containing 40 Tarydium Shards. There is a pool down a slope to the left, and a staircase leads off to the right. Take the staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase you will be in a room with a balcony above arches ahead, equipment crates from the ISV-Kran to the right, and an entrance with bars across it to the left. As you enter, you will be barred in behind and you will have another almost-endless-supply-of-Krall-two-by-two scenario. Don't be fooled into staying and fighting though - the bars on the left are not locked and will open if you approach. If you do have an accident, then barrels in this main room reveal a total of three Health Packs.

Killing very pissed-off Skaarj when two Kralls attack from other side, can be very risky on higher difficulties. Kralls are quite easilly killed if you have ammo and that way you only have on-sided attack on your hands.

Anyway, open the bars and enter the lift area beyond. A lift comes down - get on to it and kill the SkaarjWarrior who attacks from above. At the top of the lift shaft, look back into the lift chamber. Part of the wall is recessed on the right. Step into the recess and it opens, revealing SIX boxes of 10 Flak Shells! Collect, then use the lift again and get off on to the balcony above the storage room.

There's a lever on this balcony. Press it, and the bars across the entrance open. Before leaving though get what I brought you down here to collect; on top of the equipment crates are a Flak Cannon and a Super Health Pack but most importantly a set of SCUBA Gear (you may need a couple of tries jumping across to the Super Health Pack - just go back up the lift).

When you have the stuff, retreat back up the steps to the small vault. The Krall won't follow you. From the small vault at the top, go down the slope to the pool entrance you saw earlier. By the side of the pool, open barrels for a can of Tarydium Sludge and a box of 10 Flak Shells. Then, look to the wall where the water continues through into a flooded cellar; this flooded cellar is barred off, but beneath the surface of the water one part of the rightermost bar is missing.

Dive into the water and collect of the two Nali Healing Fruit on this side of the bars. Then, go through the gap in the bars. Kill the Devilfish that comes from the left, before surfacing and climbing out on to the wooden platform beyond the bars. Beware the Tentacle that snipes from the ceiling ahead.

Go straight along the platform towards where the Tentacle was. It will lead you round to the left, where a Krall is on guard. Kill the Krall, then dive into the water to open a barrel for another box of 10 Flak Shells. Climb back on to the platform then return along it to the bars where you came in.

Take the other stretch of this platform along into the flooded section of the cellar and jump across to the partially submerged section where the platform is damaged. Kill the Tentacle that attacks from the left and also a Devilfish that may see you from beneath the surface and try to climb out. Then, follow the damaged platform round and kill the Krall and SkaarjWarrior that attack you from the next straight. Beyond where the Skaarj and Krall were, a barrel contains a can of 12 Eightballs.

Go down to the furthest end of the platform, where a Tentacle attacks from the left. Dive into the water from the end of the platform for two cans of 12 Eightballs. then follow the water tunnel in the direction of the late Tentacle. At the end of that stretch, barrels contain 40 Tarydium Shards and a box of 50 Bullets. There's also another Devilfish in this vicinity.

From this point, the water tunnels lead you naturally back to the damaged section of the wooden walkway above. Go straight through the broken timbers and along to a point in the floor of the flooded cellar where a drainage grate has been removed, allowing you access to the vertical shaft below.

Follow the vertical shaft. It turns into a meandering conduit that brings you out eventually in a small circular flooded room inhabited by three Tentacles on the ceiling.

Go round this room, collecting the Super Health Pack, Assault Vest and two boxes of 10 Flak Shells on offer here. Then, go to a lever at the back and press it. What you have done is to open those large metal gates in the front corridor earlier in the map. Remember them?

Anyway, time to leave this area now. Find the tunnel you came out of and swim back along it, arriving back in the flooded cellar. Such that you are facing away from the broken section of walkway, swim along and open the barrel at the far end for another box of 10 Flak Shells. Then, return to the broken walkway area and climb out. Follow the walkway back to the bars you entered this flooded cellar by and return to the small vault outside.

From the small vault, follow the curving horizontal corridor back through to the first small vault. From there, go back through the open doors into the inner cellar corridor and turn left. At the end, turn right into the chamber before the shut door and go round to the still open bars, thus bringing you back out to the front corridor. Once back in the front cellar corridor, look to the left and you will see that the large metal grille gates are indeed now open. Go through and kill the Brute patrolling to and fro beyond the gates.

Go into the corridor beyond the gates and look both ways. To the right, the corridor continues round a corner. To the left, it ends with a barred hole in the floor. By this barred hole a winch in a wall recess is also barred off. There are two boxes of 10 Flak Shells available in this area. Go the other way down the corridor and round the corner. To the right there, a flight of steps goes down another wide corridor. Ahead, the corridor ends in an alcove with two barrels behind a fallen beam. Shoot one of the barrels to collect the box of Razor Blades within, but leave the other intact. Go round behind the remaining barrel and push it out into the corridor. Push it back up the corridor and position it directly beneath the torch opposite the gates.

Jump on to the barrel and from there jump again to head-butt the torch. It moves up, and the bars draw back from the winch by the barred hole. When this operation is successfully completed, step down and shoot the barrel open to get another box of Razor Blades from inside. Then, go over to the liberated winch and activate it. Bars draw back from the vertical shaft, revealing a long drop with a pool at the bottom. So, plunge in and collect an ASMD from the floor of the pool. Surface and climb out into the small tunnel there, then follow it round until you reach a lift up.

Step on to the lift but step straight off again so that it rises without you. Dive into the water beneath where the lift was and open barrels at the bottom for a Shield Belt and an ASMD Core, but get out quicly before the lift can return and trap you in the pool. Then, when the lift returns, ride it to the top. Kill the SkaarjWarrior lurking in the tunnel leading off the top of the lift shaft, then follow the tunnel until you pop out at the top of the steps by the broken beam where the barrel you used as a step was. Very handy.

Time to get a move on now. So, descend the steps and press the lever on the right at the bottom to open doors on the left. Go through the doors, and you arrive in a large room guarded by a Krall on the far side and a Brute who comes out of the exit from this room on the right. As you enter the room two more Krall will attack, from the shadows behind you and jumping down from a balcony above as appropriate. Kill all four of the creatures. Barrels in this room can be raided for a can of Tarydium Sludge. When you're done, go through the exit the Brute was guarding. Beware the Krall who jumps down from the main room balcony as you enter the alcove.

In this alcove, a pair of lifts are operated by a winch. Activate the winch to call the lifts, then get on the lift to the left. When the lift has returned to the top with you aboard, climb the steps that meet the top of the lift you used and follow the passage through to a small loft where five Nali are crucified.

Put the unfortunate natives out of their misery. When they're dead, collect of the five Nali Healing Fruit available at the base of each of the crosses. Return down the passage to the top of the lifts, then step across the lift onto the central wooden platform between the two lifts. This platform leads out on to the balcony above the main room below. Take the balcony round to the left and go along to the far end of the room where you can get a box of 10 Flak Shells and a can of 12 Eightballs. Go across to the other side of the balconies, and you can collect another can of 12 Eightballs in the corner.

At this end of the room, a corridor to a flight of steps leads out of the room. Go through and climb the steps. At the top, you will be in a small room with pillars and a locked metal grille gate on the far side. As you enter the room, bars close over the entrance at the foot of the stairs. Two Krall will drop down from the rafters. When they are dead, two more will come down. Things will continue in this way until you have killed about fourteen Krall, whereupon the gates will open and the Krall flow will stop. Raid this room for supplies; two cans of Tarydium Sludge are at the base of the pillars, while barrels by the metal gates contain two ASMD Cores.

Time to be adventurous... step out through the metal gates and kill the Brute in the next corridor. Go out into the corridor to raid barrels for three Health Packs, but beware the SkaarjBerserker who drops in through a ceiling hole. Follow the corridor round and look into the next room, which may at first seem empty. But enter a little further and two very large Behemoths stride out from behind pillars and start hurling rockets at you - I strongly advise retreat.

Find a good weapon - Flak Bombs seem quite effective - and kill the Behemoths. Cross their room, being careful not to fall down the gaps between the bars over a small lava pit in the middle, until you reach the far end where an exit is blocked by a white stone barrier. Back out into the room a short distance and press the lever to the right near the exit's alcove. Shortly, a lift descends in front of the entrance - step on it and ride it to the top.

Cross the bar at the top of the lift shaft and you are on a balcony over the Behemoth room. Follow the balcony to the right and go along the length of the room, opening barrels at the far end for two Health Packs. Follow the balcony on round. Shortly you will come to a lever on a protrusion facing back along the room; press it and you will see the white barrier over the exit removed. Before going back down though, just complete your rounds of the balcony. Anticlockwise, the next barrels reveal two Bandages, and when you are almost back at the lift you can collect two cans of Tarydium Sludge and a can of 12 Eightballs from near a SkaarjWarrior's corpse.

Time to leave now. Drop to the floor of the room and head for the uncovered exit. Follow the corridor down beyond and enter a small room with a water feature to exit the level.

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