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UMS Marine

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The Terran Marine is the pride of the Terran Unified Military Services. These elite combat soldiers are heavily armored and carry the latest Terran weapons, including the CAR, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher. They often use short range matter transmitters to teleport into battle from dropships above the combat zone. Marines are the toughest opponents you’ll face - they are smart, fast, and deadly.

Space Marines are special enemies only featured in Unreal - Return to Na Pali. In the RTNP storyline, Space Marines are elite forces used by the UMS for special operations, in this case, to kill Prisoner 849 after Operation Talon Hunter was completed.

Space Marines have the ability to run very fast and to execute special moves. Space Marines are the only Unreal enemies using two of the RTNP terran weapons, the Combat Assault Rifle and the Rocket Launcher. They are only found in the level Inside UMS Prometheus or a Marine Match.

Inside the UMS Prometheus the marines will start coming down and attacking you, be prepared as there will be a bunch of them. If you stay inside the ship they're going to go inside to find you anyways, so it's better to charge at them with caution. The Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher are useful for fighting them. The marines will spawn at each end of the ship, and the middle sides too.

There are four different types of marines, their suits only vary in color. The Green Suited Marines are the Jungle variety, which are weaker. The Silver Suited Marines are the Space variety. The Gold Suited Marine is the Desert variety. And the White Suited ones are the Arctic variety.

A Jungle Marine
A Desert Marine