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UMS Prometheus (ship)

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For the mission, see UMS Prometheus.
The UMS Prometheus

The UMS Prometheus is a Unified Military Services Cruiser, that crashed on the planet Na Pali. The vessel crashed in a shallow valley not far from Glathriel Village and the Spire Valley, and was split into three pieces due to the impact. As she impacted, parts and supplies from the vessel landed around the area, particulary in Glatherial Village. The ship was a mess after landing. One of the engine cores melted down and flooded the engine room with molten steel. The lower barracks were flooded due to a broken pipe. Half of the upper barracks collapsed, and one turbolift and door were malfunctioning. Most of her crew have been killed or got crushed in the doors of a Turbo-Lift when managing to escape. The ship was also infested with Mercenaries, who were salvaging useful parts of the cruiser.

Prisoner 849, escapee of the UMS Vortex Rikers, was sent by the UMS Bodega Bay to recover the Prometheus's Data Cores. After she activated the ELT transmitter on the bridge, marines from the Bodega Bay were sent to execute her, at which they failed. The ship was abandoned after that battle.