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About Me

Here's an interesting story: I received Unreal Tournament for free when my brother purchased a GeForce graphics card, around the time when UT2k3 or UT2k4 was out. Of course, him being the gaming geek at that time played it immediately and really loved it. I wasn't too much into First-Person Shooters, but my brother liked it so much that he practically forced me to play it! I didn't do too well at first and my brother had to keep saying, "Play it!".

Four or five years later, I can own him any day :) I love Unreal Tournament.

I think I'm pretty good. I can easily play on Adept (Practice Session, bots unaltered), but I can rarely hit a mid-air target with a rocket, or perform an angled shock combo. Although, I've done some before.

My only gripe about UT is the bot AI (ya, I know it was pretty good at that time). The bots always know where you are with the flag, and sometimes with the Instagib mutator, you could randomly turn a corner and you'd be dead before you even get a chance to see them. I'm a beginner programmer, but how hard is it to put in a time delay to suffice for a reaction time?

Anyways, I'm a third-year university student, so I shouldn't be playing UT as much (but who can resist...). I've lived in Canada my entire life, and when I was in high school, I was known among some of the guys as the girl who plays UT...

I'm so glad for the establishment of the Liandri Archives. I thought I was one of few who knew about the detailed story in UT! It's so cool to see other UT aficionados out there. Many thanks to those who have contributed. I'm able to make my fanfiction (see below) more accurate.


Right now I'm pathetically crying for a new computer (it can barely play UT2k4) so I can play UT3...

My Contribs

I'm focusing on information about UT, although I am trying to get info on console games such as UC and UC2. I don't actually have the game consoles. I've borrowed the disks to look at the files, so I may not be able to find everything.

Pages Started

  • Most UT maps
  • Most UT team pages

Pages Edited

  • Music-related pages

To Do

  •, pick-ups in UT maps?? Kind of boring though.

(will update later when bored)


Existing Fanfiction

Like I Promised - A random humorous poem I wrote when I was bored.

In the Works

I'm working on a fanfiction in my own time, focusing on a Necris conspiracy and other fictitious events that start in UT's time that lead to the Necris attack in UT3, but that means I need to play UT3 in order to write about it, so it's been started and put on hold. I'm aiming to explain storyline errors/questions in the official UT timeline and universe that have been asked in forums:

  • How do the Necris 'die' when they are supposedly 'undead'?
  • Why didn't Loque win the Tournament?
  • How are Brock and Lauren high school sweethearts when Lauren is said to be Jihan Nyhn's lover?
  • How can someone who survived the Na Pali incident be in the Tournament 100 years later?
  • How can physical scars form from playing the tournament (i.e. Malcolm's cracked spine) when people respawn?

I also want to add some secrets like:

  • The long-range cannon on AS-Overlord can be disarmed from the tunnels (with an accurate shot).
  • On CTF-Face, you can blast the enemy flag to your base with the Redeemer.
  • The Bio-Rifle can be fired straight down without self-inflicted injuries.
  • Cock shombos, telepunts, and launches.
  • There is a female Necris named Maime.

I hope I got all the major questions and not-so-well-known secrets. If not, please contact me!