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This is a first draft of a page about the Shaped Charge which I wrote. Just before saving I realised it's already described at deployables. Link from there to here?/Merge?/Throw away? What do YOU think?

The Shaped Charge (sometimes abbreviated charge or just sc) is an item which is placed on some Warfare maps.

General description

Once picked up the player cannot switch to a weapon until he has placed and therefore activated the shaped charge. Once activated it takes a few seconds to detonate with extreme power. If the carrier is killed before he activates the charge he drops it, allowing others to pick it up. Therefore it's recommended to activate the Shaped Charge if death is inevitable. If my team can't have it, nobody should have it.


The following official maps have the shaped charge included:


The Shaped Charge has many different usages, depending on the map.

Destroy vehicle barricades

WAR-Downtown, WAR-Dusk and WAR-Islander have vehicle barricades in them which block or hinder vehicles from passing by. These barricades can be destroyed be placing a Shaped Charge on it or shoot it with a Redeemer.

Destroying nodes

Detonating a Shaped Charge at a node will destroy it instantly unless it is not linked, protected by an orb or protected due to being build recently.
Prior to Patch 1.2 it was possible to destroy unlinked nodes if the node was linked while the Shaped Charge was placed.

Damaging the core

When detonating at a core, the Shaped Charge removes 60% of it's health at once. While it is normally pretty hard to get to the enemy core without the ability to defend yourself, it's pretty do-able when using sneaking or just zip in with a Manta.

Destroying vehicles

The Shaped Charge can destroy any vehicle except the Leviathan with one blow, though normally it's extremely hard to place it onto a vehicle unless it's a camping Goliath which you can sneak on from behind or top.


  • How long does it take to explode?
  • How long does it take to spawn?
  • How much damage does it do?
  • Is 60% core damage correct?
  • Add pictue