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This is a speculation story about The Sunspire. The facts are not confirmed, but are likely. Depending on the realism of the story, Epic either made a great story with all things thought about but made it mysterious or didn't care about half of the story and it coincidently got perfect. So my story...

The Sunspire story

Ever wondered why there are only a few Skaarj in there, and none in the chambers? Why there are tables that are not broken but you can take them out easily? Why there are tons of Gasbags and Tentacles in there? Why pupae? Why the lava moat? Why the plank over one part of it? Why there are some alive Nali and why the Skaarj didn't take them to the mines?

Well I think I figured the answers to all of these questions.

First, the moat. You can see that there are loads of titans in the Spire Village. They are native of Na Pali, but they only rarely come to bash everyone around (At the time of around 2213-2217 the Titans were hyperactive for some reason. Maybe that is because the Skaarj managed to get them out of their dwellings?). But the builders of the Sunspire knew that the Titans were a mighty threat and therefore chose the Sunspire valley that had a natural moat of lava and a small path going to a mountain (it originally was not as it is seen in the year 2215 - the Nali changed some parts of the valley. The path was not even as well, therefore the Nali came with the plank idea). The Titans are too big to hold onto the small path and would simply be incinerated. Even if they managed to walk on the path, the plank isn't strong enough to hold a Titan.

There might have been another threat to the Nali at the Sunspire, and that threat might have been small and walking on the ground. (It wasn't the Skaarj, the Sunspire is a lot older than the Skaarj invasion. There are no more native walking creatures - so maybe the Nali are not really that peaceful and battle each other? The castles built by Nali might be defence from other Nali as well.) That is why the Nali built the gates to the Sunspire (a Nali is big enough to use the key without a need to jump). It might have also been used as a border guard. The plank could be used as a movable bridge so any other ground enemies would be stopped. The huge Tarydium crystal was obviously not only used as a contact device (the big Tarydium crystals can generate a very powerful beam that burns down any mechanisms and even other things like living creatures). It was a weapon against the Gasbags (native and can fly high enough to cross the mountains) and probably the big Mantas. The Tentacles (native as well) were killed by the Nali using knives in their early living stages.

The Skaarj attack probably was like this: a few Skaarj Skimmers flew through the Spire valley to the gates at the morning. The Nali saw the incoming Skaarj and knew that they were around, so they didn't wait much and used their huge Tarydium crystal to message their friends at the Na Pali Haven, and also shot one Skimmer down. The Skaarj had no choice but to land at the gates as the path is too small for a good landing and the roof is defended by the Tarydium crystal. So the rest of the Skimmers landed at the gates. The first wave of Skaarj didn't go into the gate guard building, but tried assaulting the Sunspire building itself. A Nali sacrificed himself and managed to throw the plank into the lava before being gibbed by the Skaarj Eightball launchers. This was no threat to the Skaarj though, they used their portable forcefield generators and made a bridge. Then they crossed the bridge and gained access to the Sunspire. After that, they got directly to the Primary Ascension and took every Nali they could see hostage. They didn't have time for looking into all of the chambers there as they wanted to know the location of the Na Pali Haven. At that time Nali were quickly evacuated from the Sunspire to the Na Pali haven. Then the Skaarj got access to the cistern and some Skaarj figured out that it was a great place for the Pupae to grow, and let off several Pupae. The Skaarj then advanced to the Great Hall, used the turbo lifts, and saw a Sky Elevator disembarking. They managed to throw in some grenades, but didn't take the elevator down. At that time a part of the Skaarj took control of the Tarydium crystal and shut it down. The Skaarj Skimmers then followed the Elevator and got the location of the Na Pali Haven. Then all the Skaarj got on the Skimmers, leaving only a few of them to guard the Pupae.

From that day the Skaarj that were left didn't wander too far from the Pupae as more and more Gasbags and Tentacles chose the empty Sunspire as their dwelling... The few Nali that were left there had to hide, but fortunately the Skaarj didn't search for them. After some time, the Pupae population increased and spread over the upper floors of the Sunspire. The Skaarj even started to patrol the path to the Sunspire, knowing that some humans can try to take control of the building. They didn't touch the furniture in the first place as it was a waste of time, and after that they were too afraid or just logically saw the odds were overwhelming to go to the dark chambers full of Tentacles and Gasbags.