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Little is known about this remote facility other than it is maintained by the Liandri Corp. Satellite images show some sort of cage in the center and Intel believes it holds a recovered Darkwalker vehicle. The Liandri have always wanted access to Necris technology, and this could be their chance to make some advancements in nanotech research.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Containment
Players 6-10
Music RomUT06_C
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Vehicle Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups

Key guide of vCTF-Containment by KurlonT.




Tips & tricks




  • There's an unplayable version of this map, called VCTF-Containment_SP, where the Darkwalker is freed. See below.

Campaign Info


The Liandri captured a necris 'Dark Walker' vehicle and they've hidden it in a well guarded research facility. Izanagi techs want that walker. Bad. If we steal it we could learn enough about necris technology to train our combat forces. That means we could hijack necris vehicles directly off the battlefield and use the bastards' own technology against them.

The second time: (vCTF-Containment_SP, in this version the Darkwalker was released)

The Krall found out about the Liandri facility holding a necris dark walker, and they overran the defenses. The Krall could use that walker to destroy the facility, laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion. If the necris can establish a beach-head on taryd's surface, we'll have much more to worry about than Krall mercenaries.

Mission Objectives

  • Disable the enemy Respawner by removing its FLaGs.
  • The Darkwalker in the central chamber cannot be moved, but its powerful weapons are available to either team.

Win this match to unlock the ability to steal Necris vehicles.

In Act IV, the second mission changes:

  • The Darkwalker has been released and can now roam the battlefield.

Voice Chat

With the Darkwalker contained:

(After spotting the Darkwalker)

Othello: What is that thing?
Jester: That's the Necris Darkwalker!
Reaper: Be glad its contained, or this would be a very short fight.

(After the Darkwalker is destroyed)

Jester: Anyone think that Darkwalker looks liek a turret on black spaghetti legs?
Othello: Mmm... spaghetti. That sounds so good right now.
Reaper: Focus!

(After capturing the Darkwalker)

Othello: If we capture this thing, I get to drive it home!

(The second time, when the Darkwalker is released)

Othello: I liked this Darkwalker a lot better when it was just a turret...