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Real Name Unknown
Race Cybernetic
Born: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Liandri
Team: None
Weapon Preference:  ?
Liandri researchers have been experimenting with recently uncovered Skaarj technology and have been implementing their results in a new model. Dubbed "Warboss," he's the fastest and most agile robot ever produced.

WarBoss is a humanoid robot that participated in the 2293 Liandri Grand Tournament (UT). The character was added to the game through Bonus Pack 4.

WarBoss was built by Liandri researchers using Skaarj technology. WarBoss is mostly made from blue-colored metal with golden rims. His face resembles a human skull. His eyes glow orange, and he has three metal "horns" protruding from his head. When part of a team game, the robot's metal color changes accordingly. Some variants have pieces of skin grafted onto it, and instead of the skull show a clown's face. Other than the character description, there is no background story for this character.


Like Xan - Mark II, the WarBoss character does not allow custom skins. Unofficial copies that do allow this (and more) were made: