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The static towers of the Marakan flow have proven to be one of the most popular venues in the Tournaments since their introduction last season. The true nature of the modern gladiator is revealed as participants butcher their way to victory. Whether competing in CTF or Bombing Run competitions, players must keep one thing in mind at all times as they do battle in the poisonous skies of Purgatory -- It's a long way down.
map description
Electric Fields
Full title ElecFields
Author(s) Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels
Players 6-10
Music Level7
Games UT2003 (DE Bonus Pack), UT2004
Gametype Bombing Run

Map Description

This unusual Bombing Run arena is set high in the sky on a series of catwalks. The arena consists of rusting metal structures and grates and uses a seemingly simple lay-out. The teams spawn in between the Goal and the Bomb. The Bomb is placed atop the central structure and can be reached via a set of 2 lifts on both sides (as shown in the 2nd picture at the bottom of this page) as well as from a walkway from the roof of the spawnroom. The large tower on top of the central room is the only object that somewhat obstructs the otherwise wide-open horizon in this map. As mentioned before, the Goals are beyond the team's spawnpoints, on a rather desolate location. There are no lethal consequences for jumping through the goal in this map.

The quickest route from the spawnpoints to the bomb is via the broad exit of the spawnroom. Then turn either left or right (which doesn't matter due to the map's symmetrical lay-out) and then follow the roofed path at the end. Halfway down this path is a lift which leads to the roof, with the bomb on it. Alternatively, one can also translocate to the roof, making the lift obsolete.

Weapons & Pickups


ElecFields' weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Shock Rifle 2 4 2 next to each weapon pickup
Link Gun 1 6 2 next to pickup, 1 on each path from the Goals
Minigun 2 4 2 in each spawnroom, 1 on each path from the Goals
Flak Cannon 1 2 next to the weapon pickup, underneath the bomb
Rocket Launcher 2 4 2 next to each weapon pickup
Lightning Gun 1 2 next to the weapon pickup


Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 5 View map
Shield Pack 1 Center of the map, underneath Bomb
Double Damage 2 On the Goals' platforms

Tips & tricks

  • This is one of the most "open" Bombing Run maps in the game. This, in combination with it's limited size, provides fast and steady action.
  • Long shots work most effectively in this map. The only downside to this strategy is the ease with which the ball will fall out of the level, making it respawn in the middle. A bit of practice will compensate that risk though.
  • A steady aim and tactically placed teammates will get the Bomb from one end to the other in 2-4 passes, and only a few seconds.
  • Pickups are low and defenses are weak in this level. The best point of defense is near the exit of the lift from the spawnroom, using the Rocket Launcher right next to the exit. This also partly bridges the gap caused by spawning a distance form the Goal.
  • The only pickup that isn't in the vicinity of the Goals is the Shield Pack in the middle of the map. However, because it's distanced from the Goals, and because defenders need to remain alert and ready every moment of the game, this pickup is only really useful for those who happen to be in the area.

Single-Player tips

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Beta levelshot of BR-ElecFields.
  • BR-ElecFields was scheduled to be included in the retail version of UT2003, but it got cut out because "the shadows/decals were killing it" (source) This version, however, made the cut for the DE Bonus Pack. This was it's previous description in UT2003:
The smell of ozone and singed flesh assaults your nostrils as you translocate in from the troop transport. Breathe deeply soldier, for that is the smell of victory.
  • On the inside of the central structure, the level's author has left his signature on a wall.
  • The map was slated to appear in Unreal Championship as well, with Level3 as it's theme, and with a way more fleshed-out backstory:
The attempt by escaped prisoners to destroy the static towers on the Marakan Flow is reenacted in this Bombing Run event on the planet Purgatory.

The flow is known for it's extremely active electrical storms and is home to over thirty five thousand linked conductor towers, each towering up to five thousand meters above the planet's molten surface. Each tower receives up to two dozen lightning strikes a day. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Turn the tide of battle in this tribute to fools and their causes. The winning team receives extra rations for the next three days.

Historic note:

When Marco Pelegrino and his motley crew of terrorists sought to disrupt cloning operations at the Inquisitor's Hall by demolishing the central tower and therefore the central power source, little did they know that a fully armored squad of Imperial soldiers would be practicing maneuvers at the facility.

The resulting battle was brief but bloody. Pelegrino and company were wiped out, while the Imperial squad suffered only minor cuts and scratched, their carapace armor rendering them near invincible.