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Health is used in all Unreal games to indicate the amount of damage a character can take. Health is displayed on a numerical scale, and one unit of health is usually referred to as a hit point.

Health is shown in the player's HUD. Health powerups can often be recognized by its usually blue or green color. Most health powerups can only be picked and used up when needed. In multiplayer games health usually respawns, in singleplayer games it doesn't.

Usually players start out with 100 health, which is the maximum amount. Some special health powerups can exceed this amount up to a new maximum, usually around 200. When damaged after that, regular health powerups can only be picked up and used once the player's health is below 100 again, except for the special powerup. Additionally Armor (sometimes called Shield) can be used to protect against damage, and can be seen as extra "health".

Vehicles and turrets often have a limited amount of health, as do some deployables and missiles like the Redeemer. Although "armor" would be a better description in these cases, Armor in the Unreal universe refers to a related, but different concept.



Normal health maximum is 100, super health maximum is 200. If the player chooses the Skaarj class, their normal health maximum is 130 and Super Health maximum is 260, and if the player chooses the Nali class (not shown by default), their normal health maximum is 80 and Super Health maximum is 160. See also: Pickup Items

Unreal 2 and XMP

In XMP players can regain health by using health charging stations placed throughout the level, or by picking up Health Packs dropped by a player. After being "killed", players can usually be revived, after which they will have 1 health.

Unreal Tournament

Normal health maximum is 100, super health maximum is 199.

Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004

UT2003 and UT2004 uses a set of health powerups that are very similar to that of UT. There's also the Booster adrenaline combo, which slowly converts adrenaline to health or shield at a rate of about 4 points per second. (Actually 5 points per 0.9 game seconds.)

Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 uses a set of health powerups that are basically the same as in UT200x.

Unreal Championship

Health in UC works similar to that in UT2003.

Unreal Championship 2


The UT2004 level AS-BP2-Outback has health with a different mesh, making it "healthmite".

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