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Chaos and death wait for those that stop to take a breath. Don't think... don't pause... don't even blink, Welcome to the league's futuristic take on the ancient art of jousting.
UT2004 map description
Full title Joust
Author(s) Joe Wilcox
Players 2
Music KR-Ghosts-of-Anubis
Game UT2004
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

This map is shaped like the letter "I", where the flags are located on both ends of the vertical line. The player spawns at the ends of the horizontal lines, but on the side of the opponent's flag. To capture the flag the player must barrel down the narrow passage that directly connects the flagbases, while fighting/avoiding the other player.

Weapons & Pickups

Joust's weapons locations.


Weapon Amnt Ammo Location
Rocket Launcher
1 per base, right of the flag.
Lightning Gun
1 per base, left of the flag.

Tips & tricks

  • There are only 2 spawn points per team. If you have more players than that on your team, you can stand on the enemy spawn points, preventing them from spawning. Your team is then free to score as many points as possible before an admin bans you for exploiting.


Love it or hate it, this official UT2004 capture the flag map tries something that none other before it has tried: each player starts beside the opposing flag and attempts to barrel down a narrow corridor with it, kill the opponent, and return his or her own flag for a cap. A conglomeration of "borrowed" level pieces, it's clear that this is no artistic showpiece. Should capture the flag be played in a tiny level the shape of a capital "I"? That's debatable. What isn't debatable is that Epic was trying something different. And that's why Joust is on the list.
  • A number of brushes and meshes outside the map indicate that this level used DOM-Suntemple as a base for its construction.