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Absolute Zero was initially constructed as a scientific outpost to study glacial drift. Over the years, global warming and massive earth tremors nearly shook the base off of its foundation. The researchers and scientists were hastily evacuated and Liandri quickly purchased the base for the tournament. The warm reception given to you by your team may help offset the sub-zero temperatures, but don't get too comfortable, your foes have something much colder in store for you...
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Absolute Zero
Full title Absolute Zero
Author(s) Phil Cole
Players 8-16
Music KR-Absolute_Zero
Game UT2004
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Two facing bases connected via bridges a la CTF-Face. Despite the amount of entrances/exits, it's a very intrincate map, with lots of solid decos getting in the way of players.

The flag bases are located in rooms near the highest point of each base. These rooms have two ramps ending in the upper U-shaped Corridor at the highest point. At both extremes, the Minigun, the Link Gun, and a Shield Charger, two Link ammo pickups and one Mini ammo pickup accompanying each gun can be found. The corners have five health vials each, while also holding a Rocket and Flak ammo pickups. At mid-point, a wildcard base can be found, holding the Double Damage and the Super Shield Pack. Finally, there's the Sniper Rifle, and four ammo packs for it. Near the middle point from each direction, there's a sniping point (with a Shock Core and a Bio ammo pickup) and an exit from the base itself in the form of ramps. These ramps end in a balcony with a health charge each. Below this balcony, another entrance to the base can be found.

Going back to the Flag Bases, the flags themselves are located between both ramps to the U-corridor, with a big fan engine behind it. In the room, there are two big generators at each ramp's side. Between the generators and the ramps, there are four Adren pickups. In this room, the Shock Rifle and the Bio Rifle, with two ammo packs for each next to the weapons, lus two Health charges, can be found. Facing the flag there's a stair going to the lowest point in the base.

In the base's Lower Room, there's another big fan engine, with two Assault Rifle pickups and the Flak Cannon in front of it, two health charges at each side of the fan engine, and two Flak ammo pickups at both sides of the stair to the Flag Base. Two lower stairs connect this level with a lower one, containing two more shield chargers, one behind each stair, and the Rocket Launcher with two ammo packs in the end. Finally, we have a lower U-shaped corridor, with each extreme ending in the outside central area. This corridor holds six Adren pills, and ammo packs for Link Gun (2) and Minigun (1) at each corner.

Finally, we have the Outside central area. At the lowest point between the sniper spots in each base, a Big Keg O' Health can be found. The two bases are separated by cliffs, and connected via bridges, holding each bridge a Super Weapon: the Ion Painter in the west bridge, and the Redeemer in the east one. Falling in these cliffs, as you might have noticed... it's not recommendable.

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Amnt Ammo Where?
Assault Rifle
Ammo: 4x Front of the lower room's fan engine (2 each).
Bio Rifle
Weapon: 2x Flag Base, west generator, near stairs (1 each).
Ammo: 4x Near BioRifle (2 each).
4x Sniper spots (2 each base, 1 each spot).
Shock Rifle
Weapon: 2x Flag Base, east generator, near stairs (1 each).
Ammo: 4x Flag Room, near the Shock Rifle (2 per base).
4x Sniper spots (2 per base, 1 per spot).
Link Gun
Weapon: 2x West extreme of the upper U-corridor (1 each).
Ammo: 8x Lower U-corridor (4 per base, 2 per corner).
8x Upper U-corridor (4 per base, 2 per extreme)
Weapon: 2x East extreme of the upper U-corridor (1 each).
Ammo: 4x Lower U-corridor (2 per base, 1 per corner).
4x Upper U-corridor (2 per base, 1 per extreme)
Flak Cannon
Weapon: 2x Lower room, upper level. (1 each)
Ammo: 4x Upper U-corridor (2 per base, 1 each corner).
4x Lower room, near Flak Cannon (2 each).
Rocket Launcher
Weapon: 2x Lower room, lower level (1 each).
Ammo: 4x Upper U-corridor (2 per base, 1 per corner).
4x Lower room, near Rocket Launcher (2 per base).
Sniper Rifle
Weapon: 2x Upper U-corridor, mid point (1 each).
Ammo: 8x Near Sniper Rifle, upper U-corridor (4 each)
Ion Painter
Weapon: West bridge.
Weapon: East bridge.


Item Amnt Where?
16x Flag Base, between the generators and the ramps to the upper U-corridor (8 each base, 4 each side).
12x Lower U-corridor (6 each).
Health Pack
4x Lower room, south corners (2 per base, 1 each corner).
4x Flag Room, between generators and lateral walls (2 per base, 1 each side).
4x Outside, balconies over the lower entrances (2 each, 1 per balcony).
Health Vial
20x Upper U-corridor (10 per base, 5 per corner)
Big Keg O'Health
Outside, between the sniper spots (1 per base).
Shield Pack
4x Upper U-corridor (2 per base, 1 at each extreme).
4x Lower room, below stairs (2 per base, 1 per stair).
Super Shield Pack
At the wildcard base in the upper U-corridor (1 each).
Double Damage
At the wildcard base in the upper U-corridor (1 each).

Tips & tricks

  • As always, the BioRifle and the Flak Cannon are the defender's best friends. This map's tight corridors favor those weapons.
  • With four shield packs and the Super Shield per base, it's always recommendable to be full on shields.
  • Use of Super Weapons is pretty much limited on this map. The Ion Painter can only be used outside of the bases, while the Redeemer is more useful for enemy clearance at the flag base.

Single-Player tips

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  • Despite the fact that UT2004's Ion Painter doesn't require it, there's an Ion Cannon in the map.