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CTF-Coret (UT3 map)

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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Coret.
Prior to the war, the Coret Acquisition Center was a major social hub for all of Taryd's colonists. Since the fighting started, however, the militia is enforcing a strict curfew, and the facility empties out as the sun goes down.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Coret's Screenshot
Full title Coret
Players 6-10
Music Music_Coret_A
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & pickups



Tips & tricks


Author's Notes

In the final stages I was assigned a couple maps for final polish and bug fixing. DM-HeatRay; DM-Deck; CTF-Coret; CTF-Hydrosis; WAR-ColdHarbor.[1]

Campaign Info

We were sent here to meet a Liandri informant with sensitive data about something called: 'The Strident.' Something tipped off the Liandri and now we're doing this the loud way. Jester: Find that informant. Stay in close radio contact. We'll keep Liandri security busy for you.

Mission Objectives

  • Disable the enemy Respawner by removing its FLaGs.
  • A UDamage powerup is located on the bridge spanning the central chamber.

Voice Chat

At the beginning of the match:

Reaper: Jester: status.
Jester: Seriously? We're fighting for our lives... at the mall.
Reaper: We need to find this informant, and see what the Strident is.
Jester: Wanna bet it's something we have to shoot?
Othello: Awwww... YEEEAAHHHH! I love my job.

Jester: So, do they call this part the "Food Cor-et"? Get it?!
Othello: Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee...

When Othello finds a strip club in the red side:

Othello: Buck Love? Is that a strip club?
Jester: You wanna take 5? Go ahead, we'll cover you.
Bishop: The Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak...
Othello: Uh, Bishop, does that mean you want to go, or what?