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As Liandri operations on Taryd became more and more automated, the surface sectors of Hyperion were neglected and never received the technological upgrades available to the upper strata of the city. This maze of ground level buildings is now the slums of Taryd, still inhabited by the humans that maintain the largely automated Liandri workforce.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Screenshot of HeatRay
Full title HeatRay
Players 6-10
Music RomNecris01 (DM)
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups



Tips & tricks

  • With a double-jump and a wall-dodge and some practice you can get from the Armor Vest platform into the corridor that leads to the Invisibility.
  • The warning beep for the incoming transport shuttle is an ambient sound, so you may want to keep those enabled when playing HeatRay. If you disable ambient sounds you will have too keep track of the match time and/or often look up so you don't miss the transporter's arrival.
  • Stay in the train station area when you have the Darkwalker. The other areas of the map are too tight and give other players an advantage over the slow-turning Darkwalker.

The Darkwalker

Two minutes after the match has started and two minutes after the Darkwalker has been destroyed, a flying transport shuttle arrives in the map, accompanied by a warning beep. The transporter enters the map above the Helmet/Shock rifle area, proceedes to the Rocket Launcher arena, turns around to pass over the corridor to the Invisibility, flies along over the old train station and finally hovers over the round platform to spawn a (new) Darkwalker.

When the Darkwalker is destroyed, it's lower part drops the Damage Amp and its upper part drops the Berserk. Often Darkwalker drivers decide to stay near its spawn area, so the upper part often ends up dropping into the water on either side of the Darkwalker spawn platform and no Berserk power-up drops.

The Darkwalker is disabled in the various single player missions unless you choose Islander over HeatRay in Chapter III: The Liandri Conflict. After completion of Islander, Malcolm will alert you that the Krall have caught up with you, and that vehicle reinforcements are on the way. That leads up to your first fight against the Necris (though only one, Loque; the rest are Krall). If you choose HeatRay over Islander, you will fight Liandri bots instead of Loque and the Krall.

In Team Deathmatch, only the Blue Team will have access to the DarkWalker unless the Red Team seizes an opportunity to hijack it. However in Deathmatch and Duel, the DarkWalker is accessible to all.


  • This is one of the three maps which came in the original demo of the game. The other two are DM-ShangriLa and VCTF-Suspense.
  • The hologram changes its animation when the Darkwalker arrives and returns to its original animation when the Darkwalker is destroyed. Additionally it plays the humping taunt animation when shooting at the red "TD4" sign below it.
  • On one of the walls of the city is a ripped dirty poster, and, if examined closely, you can see its a poster for the first Unreal Tournament.

Author's Notes

In the final stages I was assigned a couple maps for final polish and bug fixing. DM-Heatray; DM-Deck; CTF-Coret; CTF-Hydrosis; WAR-ColdHarbor.[1]

Campaign Info


We need to secure the slums before we move into the heart of the city. Then we start climbing into the upper-atmosphere of Hyperion and strike into the heart of Liandri operations.

The second time

The Krall saw the same tactical value in the slums that we did. Their initial wave of infantry is already in place and transport ships are in route. That means heavy weaponry and necris vehicles are on the way. So lets finish this. Quickly.

Mission Objectives

  • Keep enemies in check until their Respawner charges are depleted.
  • Use the Invisibility powerup and gain a tactical advantage.

Added the second time:

  • Necris vehicle reinforcements are already en route to Hyperion.

Voice Chat

Against the Necris/Krall in Chapter III only.

(upon visual contact of DarkWalker by Reaper) Reaper: I've got eyes on a walker!
Othello: What?! I thought this was an infantry fight?!
Jester: Maybe next time we have the opportunity to capture a walker, we take it.

(upon destruction of DarkWalker) Othello: The Darkwalker blew, and powerups went everywhere!
Jester: It's like.. it's like a powerup pinata!
Othello: Ole, mutha fuckah.