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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Morbias.
Axon's painstaking remake of the Morbias arena required changes after its review by Liandri's legal department.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Morbias 3
Full title Morbias 3
Players 2-8
Music Axon
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description


Tips & tricks



You're substantially behind in this Nali Slaughter match, and there's only a few moments remaining. Can you regain the lead before time expires? Or even reach the frag limit before time runs out?

Match name: Out of Time
Gametype: Nali Slaughter
Player: Lauren
Rival: Corrosion
Time Limit: 2
Goal Score: 30
Initial score: 0-15
Mutators: Timer Displayed

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Arclite's Ladder

Humiliated by her loss in the last match, Sapphire sabotaged Jackhammer's armor. That leaves you without a partner, and this two-on-two finals match is now two-on-you.

Match name: Sabotage
Gametype: Team Deathmatch
Rivals: Sapphire, Darrius
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 10

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Malcolm's Ladder

Speed is the key to surprising your opponent in this survival match. If you need to refuel, look for health above the lifts.

Match name: Survival In Morbias 3
Gametype: Survival
Mutators: Speed Match Rivals: Calypso, Syzygy, Apophis
Time Limit: 10
Goal Score: 5

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Raptor's Ladder

In response to the public's insatiable desire for extreme violence and gore, the Liandri have entered you and other heavy duty mining robots in the tournament. You have been reprogrammed to eliminate opponents in the most violent ways possible.

Match name: Heavy Duty
Gametype: Deathmatch
Mutators: Double Adrenaline
Rivals: Calypso, Anubis
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 10

Win this match to unlock the Double Adrenaline mutator.

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Sapphire's Ladder

So far, things are going well with your new team, although chemistry with Darius hasn't been the best. Don't make things worse by shooting him during this friendly fire match.

Match name: Friendly Fire
Gametype: Team Deathmatch
Mutators: Friendly Fire Damage
Allies: Darrius
Rivals: Jackhammer, Memphis
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 20

Win this match to unlock the Friendly Fire Damage mutator.

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Szalor's Ladder

As named leader of the Torgr tribe, Torgr is the only one who can grant you your freedom. In this ancient Skaarj bloodsport, make him beg for his own death, then give it to him. Only then will you truly be free.

Match name: Freedom
Gametype: Nali Slaughter
Rivals: Torgr
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 50

Win this match to unlock Torgr and his ladder.

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Torgr's Ladder

As named leader of the Torgr tribe, you are the only one who can grant Szalor his freedom. In this ancient Skaarj bloodsport, make him beg for the only freedom he'll ever know: his own death. Give him that release, then return to your Queen, blades dripping with honor.

Match name: Release
Gametype: Nali Slaughter
Rivals: Szalor
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 50

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