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This overgrown shrine was dedicated to a mysterious warrior god, whose name has been lost to the ages.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Nexus
Full title Nexus
Players 4-6
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description


Tips & Tricks


  • Szalor's ladder challenge in this map unites in the exact point with the Ascension Rites' match, making it a possible canon storyline.
  • This map shouldn't be confused with a cut map from the first Unreal Championship.


Ascension Rites

The horrible Skaarj bloodsport comes to the Ascension Rites, courtesy of the Liandri Mining Corporation. You must slay more helpless Nali than your opponent, or face losing the tournament and thus the empire. If overcoming your sensibilities weren't enough of a challenge, you also must compete against a Skaarj champion.

Match name: Lambs to the Slaughter
Gametype: Nali Slaughter
Rivals: Szalor
Time Limit: 10
Goal Score: 50


Malcolm: The Skaarj. Their brutality is legendary throughout the galaxy. Hands down, they're the most vicious warriors around. Which makes my guest a tourney competitor to be feared. Szalor, welcome.
[On the arena] Szalor: Good to be here.
Malcolm: Let's cut right to the chase. Why do Skaarj hate humans?
Szalor: You killed our queen.
Malcolm: Sure, but that was at the end of the war. Why did you attack our colonies?
Szalor: We have no grudge against humans.
Malcolm: That's a relief! You heard it here first.
Szalor: We subjugate all inferior races, not just humans.
Malcolm: Ohhh-key. Let's move on. Your next opponent is some Nakhti soldier... Anubis.
Szalor: [growls]
Malcolm: Must be tough facing an "inferior human" as an equal.
Szalor: Not as equal.
Malcolm: Competitor, then.
Szalor: Hm... It is... unsatisfying... to rip them apart, only to have them respawn.
Malcolm: Your next match is a Nali Slaughter. Some would say it's unwise to meet a Skaarj warrior in a game they invented.
Szalor: It is always unwise to fight a Skaarj warrior.
Malcolm: Tell me about the Nali. What are they like?
Szalor: They are sheep. Slaughtering them almost takes the pleasure out of killing. Almost... [laughs maniacally]

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Raiden's Ladder

Survival is a contest of endurance and self preservation. Both of your opponents are mighty warriors, but their mortal shells are showing signs of aging. You'll have to keep looking to find warriors for your cause.

Match name: Survival in Nexus
Gametype: Survival
Rivals: Malcolm, Sobek
Time Limit: 10
Goal Score: 5

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Szalor's Ladder

The Torgr tribe wants to see your shameful death at the hands of a lesser race. A loss to a human like Anubis would bring them great amusement. Don't let that happen.

Match name: Lambs to the Slaughter
Gametype: Nali Slaughter
Rivals: Anubis
Time Limit: 10
Goal Score: 50

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