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Survival is an Unreal Championship and Unreal Championship 2 free for all gametype. It is basically Deathmatch with a queue for killed players, meant for 1on1 purposes. Survival is also called Duel.


Survival acts as the Unreal Championship version of Last Man Standing, but not all players are in the match, and they don't have lives. Survival plays like Deathmatch, but only a limited number of combatants is allowed at the same time, 1on1 by default. The rest of the combatants have to wait in a queue and can only participate in the match as spectators. If a player gets killed, he will be added to the end of the queue, while the player on the top of the queue can enter the arena. Weapons will be loaded with some ammunition after respawning.

Unreal Tournament 3 and Chaos UT2 contain a similar gametype called Duel.

Game Description

Unreal Championship 2

1-on-1 Deathmatch tournament where players take turns challenging the winner.

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