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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Tempest.
The Tempest Facility was built specifically for the tournament. It was designed strictly for arena combat, with multi-layered areas and tiny hiding spots. It is a personal training arena of Xan Kriegor and sits high above the sprawling Reconstructed New York City.
Unreal Tournament map description
Screenshot of Tempest
Full title Tempest
Author(s) Cliff Bleszinski
Players 4-16
Music Botpck10
Game Unreal Tournament
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 1 2
ASMD Shock Rifle 2 4
Pulse Gun 2 7
Ripper 2 5
Minigun 2 5
Flak Cannon 1 5
Rocket Launcher 1 4
Sniper Rifle 1 3


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 19
Health Pack 12
Damage Amplifier 1
Armor 1
Thigh Pads 1
Shield Belt 1
Jump Boots 1

Tips & tricks


UT Demo

  • Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Frag limit: 25
  • Rivals: Malcom, Doc Zenith, Riker, Bruce, Darhl

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Unreal Tournament

  • Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Score limit: 25
  • Rivals: Damascus, Darhl, Anna, Gilfred, Tajheri

Depending if you're playing the GOTY ladder or the retail ladder, your next match might be DM-ShrapnelII (GOTY) or DM-Barricade (retail).

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(DM-ShrapnelII) Next >>

Unreal Tournament (PS2)

  • Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Score limit: 25
  • Rivals: Gilfred, Anna, Damascus, Tajheri, Darhl

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