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Izarians are intelligent aliens that make an appearance in Unreal 2. Friendly characters in the game sometimes refer to them as "space monkeys".


Izarians are humanoid, with four arms and a dark blue skin. Parts of their skin seem transparent, showing lighter pieces of skin that glow a lighter shade of blue, perhaps because of their blue blood. They have long heads and mouths filled with sharp teeth. Despite their aggressive appearance, Izarians aren't particularly tough.


The Izarians used to form a small empire that enslaved other races to do their bidding. Somewhere before Unreal 2 begins, the Skaarj enslave the Izarians themselves and use them as warriors. For this purpose, the Skaarj put a limiter on their weapons, called the Energy Rifle, or Shock Lance, to make controlling them less dangerous. The weapon is based on ASMD technology, suggesting earlier contact with Humans. Izarian troops don't wear any armor. Small groups of Izarians accompany one Skaarj commander in the battlefield.

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