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A Mutator is a kind of mini-mod that can be applied to games in the Unreal series. Although, compared to conventional mods, changes made to the game are small, mutators can have a large impact on gameplay. For instance Instagib is sometimes considered a whole new gametype.

Unreal Tournament

Mutator Description
Arena Replaces every weapon and ammo pickup in the match with one of these, depending on which one is selected. See the page for more info.
Chainsaw Melee The Impact Hammer is replaced by a Chainsaw.
FatBoy Frag a lot, and your head grows. Be fragged a lot, and your head shrinks.
Instagib DM Removes every pickup from the arena, and gives the players an Enhanced Shock Rifle.
Instant Rockets The Rocket Launcher won't fire 6 rockets, but one rocket at a time.
Jump Match Enables players to jump extremely high.
Low Gravity Reduces the gravity of the map.
No Redeemer Redeemers are removed from the map.
No Powerups Invisibility, Shield Belt, Damage Amplifier, Jump Boots and the Big Keg O'Health are removed from the map.
Relics (Bonus Pack 1) Add relics to the match. See the page for more info.
Stealth Makes everyone invisible during a match.
Team Beacon (Bonus Pack 2) Your teammates have an arrow above their heads, so you can identify them.
Volatile Ammo (Bonus Pack 2) Ammo explodes when hit by a weapon.
Volatile Weapon (Bonus Pack 2) Weapons are discharged when a player dies.

Unreal Championship/Unreal Tournament 2003/Unreal Tournament2004

Mutator UC 2003 2004 Description
Air Control - X X Changes how players move in the air.
Arena X X X Replaces weapons and ammo in map.
BigHead X X X Same effect as FatBoy, but with the user's body instead of just his/her head.
Big Wheels - - X ONS/AS only. Kill a lot, and your vehicle's wheels grow in size. Be killed a lot, and they'll shrink.
Bonus Combos - * X Adds the Pint-sized (LLLL) and Camouflage (RRRR) Adrenaline Combos.
Bonus Vehicles - - ** Replaces certain vehicles with the Cicada, SPMA and Paladin.
Competition Mode X - - Disables Species specific attributes and levels the field to everyone. It's the inverse to Species Statistics.
Floaty Cadavers X X - Cadavers don't fall to the floor, but float.
Game Speed - - X Modifies the game's speed.
InstaGib X X X See Unreal Tournament section above.
Lightning Guns - - X Replaces all Sniper Rifles with Lightning Guns.
Lightweight Vehicles - - X ONS/AS only. When being hit, vehicles will fly higher and farther like balloons.
Link Gun Medic X - - The Link Gun heals teammates.
LowGrav X X X See Unreal Tournament section above.
No Adrenaline X X X Adrenaline pickups are removed from the map.
No Superweapons - X X Redeemers and Ion Painters are removed from the map. In 2004, the Target Painter is removed as well.
Onslaught Weapons - - X Adds ONS weapons (Mine Layer, Grenade Launcher, AVRiL and Target Painter) to the other gametypes.
QuadJump - X X Players can jump up to 4 times instead of 2.
Regeneration X X X All players regenerate health.
Slow Enemy X - - Reduces the enemy's speed.
Slow Motion Corpses X X X Dramatic slow-mo death animations.
Sniper Rifles - - X Same as Lightning Guns, but inverted: LG are replaced by SR.
Species Statistics - - X Each race has unique combat statistics.
Stunt Vehicles - - X ONS/AS only. Vehicles can jump. Hold down the crouch key to charge up and then release to jump. They can also control wheeled vehicles in mid-air.
Super Berserk - - X Weapons are insanely fast and powerful.
Team Regeneration X - - All members of your team regenerate health. That's still no excuse to shoot them.
UDamage Reward - - X Any remaining UDamage powerup is thrown from players when they are fragged.
UT Classic - - X Classic UT style weapons and movement options.
UT2003 Style - - X UT2003 style fast weapon switching and boost dodging.
UTV2004S - - X Required to support UTV2004 SeeAll mode.
Vampire X X X Damaging your opponents will regenerate your health.
Vehicle Arena - - X ONS/AS only. Replaces all vehicles in a map with a particular one.
Vehicle Pickups - - ** Vehicles can pick up items and give them to the driver.
Zoom InstaGib - X X Same as Instagib, but the secondary fire is a zoom function.

(*) Available in UT2003 through Epic Bonus Pack. (**) Available in UT2004 through ECE Bonus Pack or Mega Pack.

Unreal Championship 2

Mutator Description
Adrenaline Jumps Players can make extra jumps by spending adrenaline.
Announce Powerups Players receive notification when a powerup respawns.
Camp Fire To prevent camping, all players carry a ticking time bomb. Kill your enemies to buy extra time. When the timer hits zero, your bomb explodes, killing you and anyone nearby.
Character Weapons Only Only your starting pistols and melee weapons are allowed.
Classic UC No adrenaline, locking, melee, or third person camera. Pure old school.
Double Adrenaline Players gain adrenaline twice as fast.
Friendly Fire Damage Attacks that hit friendly players do half damage instead of none.
Timer Displayed
Instagib One shot, one kill. Melee weapons and high-power sniper rifles only.
Looting Players drop their ammo and powerups when they die.
LowGrav Gravity is reduced, but only for players.
LowGravAll Gravity is reduced for players and world objects.
Melee Only Only melee weapons are allowed.
No Adrenaline Level the playing field by disabling all adrenaline abilities.
No Health Pickups Health pickups are removed.
No Lock Players cannot lock onto enemies.
No Melee Melee weapons are not allowed.
Quad Jump Airborne players can jump three times instead of once.
Radioactive Players glow with radioactivity based on their score.
Random Pickup Respawn Pickup and powerup respawn delays are randomized.
Retribution Revenge is sweet! Take revenge on your killer to earn bonus points.
Rounds (Best of 3) A match is played as a series of three rounds. Each round is played with normal game rules. The team who wins the most rounds wins the match.
Rounds (Best of 5) A match is played as a series of five rounds. Each round is played with normal game rules. The team who wins the most rounds wins the match.
Speed Match All players have Adrenaline-enhanced Speed, all the time.
Third Person Only Force third person camera.
Vampire All players have the Vampire ability active all the time. There are no health pickups; get your health by attacking your enemies.
Volatile Ammo and health pickups explode when shot.
Wall Crawl All players have the Wall Crawl ability active, all the time.
Weapon Master All players start with the same weapon, randomly chosen. Once someone gets 5 kills, they are the Weapon Master. They receive a score bonus, and then a new weapon is selected. Only third-person perspective is allowed.

Unreal Tournament III

Mutator Description
Big Head See UC/UT2003/UT2004 section above.
Friendly Fire Shooting teammates damages them. (50% damage)
Only available in teamgames.
Handicap Provides armor and weapon bonuses to losing players.
Instagib See Unreal Tournament section above.
Kills Slow Time Time slows down for a moment every time you kill an enemy. (Instant Action only)
LowGrav See Unreal Tournament section above.
No Hoverboard The players won't have the Hoverboard during a match. Only available in VCTF, Warfare and Greed.
No Orb Removes the Orb from the map. Only available on Warfare.
No Super Pickups Shield Belt, Berserk, UDamage, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Megahealth and Redeemers are removed from the map.
No Translocator The players won't have the Translocator during a match. Only available in CTF and Greed.
SloMo Slows the game's speed.
Speed Freak Speeds the game's speed up.
Super Berserk Players fire at Berserk speed for the entire match.
Survival Spectating players spawn into the match after current players are killed (for the Duel gametype only).
Titan Allow players to become Titans.
Weapon Replacement Default weapon pickups in a level can be substituted with different weapons.
Weapons Respawn Weapons respawn instead of always being available. (Inverse of Weapon Stay)