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Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon

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T. Elliot Cannon (also known as Myscha the Sled Dog) is a former level designer for Epic Games. Joining the company in 1996, he made many famous levels for Unreal and Unreal Tournament before leaving the company in 1999.

General Information

Before entering the world of game designing, Elliot was involved in architecture. In college, he found work first as a draftsman then as a designer. After graduating, Cannon continued in the field designing buildings for eight years and then became involved in freelance work designing high-end homes.

After being influenced and inspired by Doom and Myst, Cannon began creating his own maps for games like Doom II in his spare time. He joined Team TNT and gained recognition, before John Anderson (a friend of his) recommended him to Cliff Bleszinski. Cliff had a look at his maps, and subsequently hired Elliot in 1996. Elliot made numerous level for the first 2 games in the Unreal series, before leaving for The Collective to work on Star Trek Deep Space 9 – The Fallen in 1999. He left less than a year later to pursue his dream of working on a massively multiplayer project, as he is a huge fan of the genre. He ended up at Cyan Worlds, working on several titles in the Myst universe. In June, 2007, Elliot moved to Hungary to work for Crytek's new studio in Budapest.

List of Contributions


Unreal Tournament


  • The name "Myscha" comes from "misha", which means "beautiful dancer". The "ysch" was added to make it more evil, making it mean "Dancer of Death"
  • Elliot's inspiration often comes from movies. The temple of Chizra, for example, was inspired by Indiana Jones.

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