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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#DeathFan.

Screenshot of Death Fan
Full title Death Fan
Author(s) Elliot "Myscha" Cannon
Game Unreal
Gametype Deathmatch


This map is set in what seems to be a large vertical wind tunnel. There are 2 levels, connected by elevators on opposite sides of the tunnel, and each levels exists of a number of (slightly narrow) walkways. Most of these walkways are in the middle of the map, but there's a path against the tunnel's side on the lower level that could potentially save a player from falling down. Beneath these walkways, at the bottom of the map is a large fan, where the map got its name from. Falling down the walkways will result in death. Players spawn on the upper level, near the sides of the tunnel near either a Rifle pickup, or near the ASMD and Razorjack. There are no health/armor pickups, except for 1 Superhealth in the middle of the tunnel, on the lower floor.

Weapons & Pickups



Weapon Count Ammo Count Weapon Location Ammo Location
ASMD 2 ASMD Core 8 1 on each side of the lower floor 2 in the SW, SE, NW and NE corners of the lower level
Razorjack 2 Razor Blades 4 1 on each side of the holographic bridge 2 next to each weapon pickup
Rifle 2 Rifle Rounds 4 1 on each platform at the ends of the map 2 next to each weapon pickup


Pickup Count Location
Superhealth 1 In the center of the map, on the lower level

Tips & tricks

Needless to say, one should be careful when dodging on the walkways to prevent falling down. However, the lay-out can also be used to one's advantage. Practice failsafe jumps to gain an advantage. Use the ASMD in battle, since it has the biggest chance of the 3 weapons to knock the opponent off the walkways. The shock combo is particularly effective at this. When afraid of falling down, the Rifle pickup is probably the safest spot to shoot from. These spots only overlook about half the map though, giving the opponent plenty of space to hide.


  • The map was considered for Unreal Tournament, and in fact appeared, untouched, in the betas. Needless to say, it didn't made the cut.
  • A similar thematic was applied in the map DM-Insidious from UT200X.