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The Ripper family of weapons are found in Unreal, Unreal Tournament and UC2.

The Ripper family of weapons all share one common characteristic: Primary fire is a fast-moving, ricocheting blade weapon that has the potential to cause headshots on a victim if they are hit in the head. The secondary fires of each weapon change from game to game.

Primary Damage Type: Projectile
Alt. Damage Type: Projectile
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Primary Damage Amount: {{{pri_dam_amount}}}
Alt. Damage Amount: {{{sec_dam_amount}}}

In Unreal, the Razorjack is first encountered on the ISV-Kran. Primary fire is, as with all Ripper family members, a fast moving, ricocheting blade that has headshot potential, while secondary fire allows you to "guide" the blade with your crosshair.

Unreal Tournament

Primary Damage Amount: 40 (140 if Headshot)
Alt. Damage Amount: 45

Classification: Ballistic Blade Launcher

Primary Fire
Razor sharp titanium discs are launched at a medium rate of speed. Shots will ricochet off any surfaces.
Secondary Fire
Explosive discs are launched at a slow rate of fire.
Aim for the necks of your opponents.

Unreal Championship 2

Primary fire
Type: Projectile
Damage: ?
Fire rate: ?
Secondary fire
Type: Projectile
Damage: ?
Fire rate: ?
Splash radius
primary fire: ?
secondary fire: ?
Ammo Type: Explosive
Ammo pickup: ?
Maximum: ?

The Ripjack is the descendant of the Skaarj Razorjack and the Liandri Tournament Ripper weapons. Like the weapons before it fires bladed disks as munitions.

Primary Fire The primary fire for the Ripjack is a ricocheting circular saw blade that can remove an opponents head on a direct hit on the neck. It's useful at close-mid range and can become a potential long range weapon when Homing adrenaline ability is used. It is also handy for shooting around corners or into other rooms since the blade bounces off walls several times before dissipating. This fire mode is the only fire mode other then the Flak Cannon primary fire mode that cannot be detonated by EMP attack

Alternate Fire The secondary fire for the Ripjack spins the blade and grinds it against a pin to increase its heat and energy, effectively turning an already dangerous saw blade to exploded after striking a surface or unfortunate player not smart enough to move out of the slower moving blades path. It also can utilize homing to make it a much more effective weapon at longer ranges. The EMP adrenaline power can turn the blade into an air bursting munition to effectively hit an opponent with splash damage rather then full head on damage. Beware that if timed wrong or if an enemy is using EMP, the blade will explode in your face and humiliate you.

Combo Fire Mode (Rip Mine) Holding alternate fire and pressing primary fire can turn the explosive spinning saw blade into a land mine that cuts itself into any surface and detonates when a player steps into its senor range. Making the Ripjack easily an effective weapon in offensive and defensive operation. Homing adrenaline will veer the disk toward an opponent and even if it misses can stick in the ground near them and catch them off guard. Rip Mines can also be used as weapons to deter chasers by firing the mine in front of you and jumping over it before it strikes the ground and leaving a nasty surprise of an unwary attacker. The same EMP tactic can be used with Rip Mines but can also be used against you as well so be wary of EMP.

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