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Health 210
Projectile Damage 40
Melee Damage 25
Abilities: Swimming
Main Appearances:

The Slith are amphibious aliens that appear in Unreal and Return to Na Pali, and in the Invasion gametype of Unreal Tournament 2004 when the Satore Monster Pack is installed. They are green, serpent-like creatures that can slither around on land and swim very fast under water. They can spit acidic saliva or use their claws to attack their enemies. According to the Unreal manual, they are 12 feet long and weigh 385 lbs on average.

Evolving from the same parent species, the Slith are the Skaarj's amphibian "cousins", and they fight alongside them on Na Pali, most commonly throughout the temple of Chizra. In here, the Slith are said to be serpents summoned by Chizra to put the Nali to the test, but in reality they are invaders like the Skaarj. These serpents are also seen swimming around the toxic pools of Terraniux and Foundry Tarydium Plant.

Slith's size compared to the player

In Depth

Slith attack both on land and under water by simply rushing toward their enemy while spitting powerful slime orbs and then finishing it with their claws. On land, their speed is mediocre, but in water, they are capable of finishing humans in seconds. They are very aggressive and engage combat with everyone. They also like to kill nearby Nali before the player has a chance to engage them. Slith are best killed on land if possible. The Stinger and ASMD are the most effective weapons.

Slith are immune to slime pools and the GES from the Bio Rifle. Since the Skaarj are immune to the Bio Rifle's "Bio Mist Cloud" in UC2 it seems the genetic makeup somehow makes the genus less susceptible to the GES's negative effects. The saliva of the Slith is poisonous, so the Toxin Suit renders the player immune to the Slith's ranged attack, but as the suit is weak, it can be easily penetrated by the Slith's claws.


During Unreal's development, there were two other classes of Slith: Fire Slith and Nitrogen Slith, which were cut from the final game. These two classes had an armor-like skin, respectively red and blue, and were both stronger than the regular Slith. The Fire Slith was immune to lava and spat a lava glob as a projectile, and the Nitrogen Slith was immune to the frozen damage type.