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The Trench (RTNP level)

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For the ship, see UMS Prometheus (ship).
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Description: This is the entry point where the player goes into the Prometheus, encountering Mercenary forces as he does.

Author: Matthias Worch

Walk through

You start at the elevator you came up from the last map, go out of the small cave, jump down to the second ledge, the one below the one you're on, destroy the barrel to get some equipment, then continue on ahead. There will be a Gasbag to the left above your head, you should see the side of the Prometheus by now, there is a UMS crate near there to the left behind a large rock formation that contains a grenade launcher, it's near a Nali fruit, to get it go past the rocks that surround the fruit, after that, go back and go left to the edge of it and go under it, keep going leftwards until you see two bridges that attach part of the UMS together, then turn right, you should see a mercenary guarding the entrance. There will be a mercenary elite behind a bunch of boxes, to the right of the opposite of where the entrance to the Prometheus is facing there is a door that can be opened, unlike the other which is broken because of the crash. Go through the door and down the hall with bodies everywhere, there are two mercenaries waiting for you.

If you want to go to the room with the two mercenaries to kill them and take the equipment you can, there is a grenade launcher somewhere around there, probably near the middle of the room, after you're finished with all that proceed over the bridge After that there are two ways you can go, left, or right, the left will have a mercenary waiting for you, along with a hole in the floor that can lead to your burning death, there will be more mercenaries facing the left door after you proceed after killing the mercenary waiting for you. The right hall has a few health packs, the mercenaries will not be able to find you if you're sneaky enough when going to the right. If you did go to the right, continue onwards until you find a dead guy on the floor, there is a first aid there, just break the glass and the health will pop out, go up the elevator, then go to the left. If you went to the left, after killing the mercenaries, carefully jump on the debris and into the large tunnel which is suppose to be the fuel tank I guess. After finishing collecting health and equipment if you went to the right, you'll have to go back to the elevator you went up to, jump in that fuel tank that's open with lava on the floor, jump in and continue.

Be careful inside because it will shake and some pieces of the metal pathway will break, allowing easy contact with you and the lava, when you get to the end, go up and out of the area by climbing out of the hole in the ship if you go over the ship to the left side there will be two mercenaries, there will also be a UMS crate with two health packs in it, there's a hole in the left side of the ship, after you exit the rooms with the holes in it, go to the elevator on the right that leads to the higher bridge, then go right after the sign that says "Crew Berths" there will be about eight or nine rooms or so, there will be a small squad of mercenaries that will ambush you so be careful, I recommend you poke around all the rooms and collect the equipment, there will be pretty useful things in there., there is a door on the left that will lead to the medical lab, that's what it looks like anyway, there will be a hole in the floor in the middle of the room leading to another even more destroyed room with water, go there to proceed to the next level.

Translator messages

  1. "UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Warning: Circuit Overload detected in Network 1"
  2. "UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Warning: Circuit Overload detected in Network 2"
  3. "UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Status: Network 3 Normal"
  4. "UMS Prometheus - Engine 1 Status: Warning: Power level approaching limit | Warning: Pressure level approaching limit"
  5. "UMS Prometheus - Engine 1 Status: Warning: Power level approaching limit | Critical: Pressure level exceeded limit!"
  6. "UMS Prometheus - Information Terminal: --- Information Network Offline ---
  7. "Log Andrew G. Jackson, Medical Officer: This has been a smooth ride, no major incidents for almost 2 weeks. And I'm still getting full payment. I think work doesn't get much better than this."
  8. "Log Oliver F. Russel, Scientific Assistant: I know that we got something in the water tanks again. Peter saw some kind of slimeball through the pipe controls again. Looks like another long night of water analysis. God, I hate space vermin..."

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