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XMP vehicles

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There are three vehicles in XMP (they don't appear in the single player Unreal 2):

  • The Raptor (not to be confused with UT2004's flying Raptor), a quick buggy.
  • The Harbinger, or Harbie, could be considered a cross between the other two vehicles.
  • The Juggernaut, or Jug, a relatively slowly moving tank.

Vehicles can be utilized by all player classes, and can be driven from either a first or third person perspective. Vehicles are bound to their spawn points, and cannot be hacked themselves. It is possible to kill team members by driving over them in a vehicle.

Vehicles feature an slowly recharging "turbo boost" option, accessed with the "Sprint" key, and indicated by a gauge in the HUD. The feature allows the vehicles a quick burst of extra speed, although the speed increase is relative to the vehicle's default speed. It is similar to the player's sprint bar, but doesn't last as long, and recharges faster.

Operating vehicles uses energy from the team's reserve. Vehicles receive damage from bumping into things, and especially when falling, for which they are much more sensitive than players, especially if they don't land on their wheel/tracks. The turbo boost can be used to slow down falling speed somewhat. Since the player's speed is always zero when exiting a vehicle, allowing him to exit a vehicle falling a long way unscathed at the last second. Vehicles are also sensitive to deployed Land Mines.

Damaged vehicles cannot be repaired, but once destroyed will respawn at their original spawn points. Destroyed vehicles will cause an explosion with limited splash damage, but their wreckage will remain in place for a while, often disallowing team mates to revive its former occupants.


For UT2004's flying vehicle, see Raptor.
Main Article: Raptor (XMP vehicle)

The Raptor is somewhat comparable to the Scorpion. A quick, but lightly armored buggy with 400 health and two seats. It is the quickest way of getting around and very suitable for transporting Artifacts. Because its center of gravity lies near the rear it can make very tight turns. The Raptor is however somewhat sensitive to oversteering. Using the boost option makes the vehicle shoot flames out of its exhaust pipes. If the driver uses the boost to make a jump and honks the horn, the vehicle will instead play the first 12 notes of "Dixie", like the The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee .

Built into the front of the vehicle is a set of flesh grinders. If the Raptors drives into an enemy player with sufficient speed, said player will be sucked through the grinders, turned into gibs, and blasted out of the exhaust pipes, a process known as a "gutblow". Team members cannot be gutblown.

The Raptor has an extra seat for a team mate, who can control the vehicle's only turret, which is a kind of Minigun.


The Harbinger, sometimes affectionately called the "Harbie", could be considered a cross between the other two vehicles. It is a medium armored vehicle with 800 health and three seats.[1] Its speed is somewhere between that of the other vehicles. Because its center of gravity lies relatively high, the Harbie has a tendency to topple when driving at high speed.

One of the passengers operates a rapid-firing, top-mounted rocket launching turret which is very effective against enemy players on foot. The other sits in the rear-mounted pod and operates the "ass cannon" which launches projectiles similar to those of the Energy Rifle, allowing the tail gunner to utilize EMP damage to damage other vehicles as well as electronic deployables.


The Juggernaut, or Jug, is a relatively slow moving, but heavily armored tank with 900 health and two seats.[2] The driver can control a mid-range flamethrower while driving.[3] A second seat allows a team mate to operate the Jug's main cannon. Although not very accurate, the cannon fires rounds with a huge blast radius that will usually kill any nearby player instantly. Due to it's low speed the Jug isn't very suitable for transporting Artifacts, but is better used for its defensive capabilities.