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XMP player classes

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There are three player classes in XMP, which are the Ranger, the Tech, and the Gunner. They carry somewhat tweaked versions of the weapons found in the single player Unreal 2.

All three classes have the same amount of health (100), but have different amounts of Shield. The different classes are all equipped with a simplified M406 Hydra Grenade Launcher that can only use two kinds of ammo, depending on the class carrying it.

The Tech and the Gunner are equipped with deployable offensive and defensive measures. Once deployed these will drain energy. The Ranger has an extra weapon to compensate the lack of deployables.

All classes have access to an unlimited amount of different kinds of "Packs" which work as deployables first, but function as power-ups after they are dropped.


The Ranger is the fastest class, but the one with the least Shield (100). Rangers function as both Sniper and Medic. Rangers are equipped with Health Packs.

  1. Sniper Rifle
  2. Magnum
  3. Grenade Launcher
  4. Energy Rifle
  5. Health Pack


The Tech has a medium speed, and a medium amount of Shield (300). Techs can hack much faster than the other classes. Techs are equipped with Power Packs, which offer extra Shield.

  1. Combat Assault Rifle
  2. Shotgun
  3. Grenade Launcher
  4. Deployables
    • Auto Turret (1)
    • Rocket Turret (1)
    • Field Generator (6)
  5. Power Pack


The Gunner is the slowest class, but the one with the most Shield (500) and the most firepower. Gunners are equipped with Supply Packs, which offer extra ammo.

  1. Rocket Launcher
  2. Flamethrower
  3. Grenade Launcher
  4. Deployables
    • Land Mines (5)
    • Trip Mines (5)
  5. Supply Pack