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Deployables are items that can be deployed at will on the battlefield, adding a strategic element to battles. Deployables feature in Unreal II, XMP, and in some Unreal Tournament 3 gametypes.

Unreal II

The deployables of Unreal II can be picked up again and re-used elsewhere.

Auto Turret
Effect: Fires bullets at nearby enemies.

Auto Turret

Automatic defensive turret. It fires rounds chaingun-style, after a short delay after detecting an opponent. Their field of view is very limited. They have 350 health.
Rocket Turret
Effect: Fires rockets at nearby enemies.

Rocket Turret

Automatic defensive turret. It fires rockets, after a short delay when an opponent is detected. Their field of view is just as limited. They have 500 health and are very rare.

Field Generator

A pole-shaped generator, used in pairs to create a Force Wall. All field generators have 300 health.

eXpanded MultiPlayer

eXpanded MultiPlayer features Unreal II single player deployables as well as two kinds of mines and three deployable pickups. See Unreal II section for details. All turrets except for the pickups need energy to function.

Auto Turret

Used only by the Tech class. Its properties are the same as Unreal II Auto Turret's.

Rocket Turret

Used only by the Tech class. Its properties are the same as Unreal II Rocket Turret's.

Field Generator

Used only by the Tech class. Its properties are the same as Unreal II Field Generator's.

Land Mine

Used only by the Gunner class. These are simply black round mines that explode when someone walks on one. It does 700 damage and has a 500 uu splash damage radius. It is best placed in narrow crossings or in the middle of the team's Artifact Node to prevent stealing the artifacts.

Laser Trip Mine

Used only by the Gunner class. These mines are placed on walls and a short time after being placed activates a laser beam. When anything crosses the beam, the Laser Trip Mine explodes, dealing 300 damage with 512 uu splash radius. These mines are good to be placed on walls in narrow entrances, like in generator rooms on XMP-NaKoja.

Health Pack

Can only be used by the Ranger class. It is a health pickup that supplies 25 HP for anyone that picks the pack up, including the deployer.

Power Pack

Can only be used by the Tech class. It is an energy pickup that fills the player's shields. Eack energy pickup gives anyone that picked it up 25 energy units, including the depoyer.

Supply Pack

Can only be used by the Gunner class. Is is an ammunition pickup that gives 25 ammo for each of the weapons the player that picked up carries. This can also be used by the deployer.

Unreal Tournament 3

Deployables are special types of weapons or utilities in UT3. When a player picks up a deployable, he or she cannot select any other weapons until the deployable is used. It is still possible to enter (and use) vehicles or the Hoverboard, though.

The Necris Nightshade support vehicle can deploy two Spidermine Traps, a Stasis Field, an EMP Mine, and a Shield Generator at the same time.

The Axon Stealthbender support vehicle can deploy two Spidermine Traps, an X-Ray Field, an EMP Mine, and a Link Generator at the same time.

Spidermine Trap

Spidermine Trap
UT3 SpidermineTrap.jpg
Effect: Releases spider mines when enemies get close.
Duration: up to 2.5 minutes

When armed, this trap waits for nearby enemies, then sends a swarm of spider-like robots to attack. The robots dig into their targets, then detonate, and are extremely dangerous in packs. The AVRiL Longbow's laser designation system can be used to guide these spider robots from the trip towards distant enemies.
UT3 manual

When deployed, a housing structure (the "Trap") for spider mines is dropped. It contains 15 spider mines and can't be destroyed directly. It will vanish after all of its mines have been destroyed or its lifetime has run out. When an enemy approaches the trap, it starts releasing spider mines, which will attempt to hunt down enemy players and vehicles.

Spider mines "scurry" towards their target and attempt to leap at it. If they hit a player or vehicle, they blow up. Players getting killed by a spider mine hit will see a mine crawling onto their face and drill into it. Without any targets nearby, spider mines return to their "home" trap. You can easily destroy spider mines by hitting them once with any kind of weapon. Just make sure they are not too close yet, because they will blow up when destroyed.

The AVRiL's secondary fire mode can be used to give the spider mines a location to scurry to. If there are less than eight mines out to control, traps with a line of sight to the target location will spawn additional mines in short intervals.

Stasis Field

Stasis Field
UT3 StasisField.jpg
Effect: Slows down everything inside it, blocks hitscan shots.
Duration: up to 3 minutes

The technology powering this device is not entirely understood, even by the scientists who assembled the prototype. The apparent effect, though, is quite clear - the perception of time is literally bent to a crawl inside the generated field. This device is extremely effective in defense situations, as it can create tactical choke points, or even be used to slow assaults on Nodes or Flags.
UT3 manual

The Stasis Field (also called Slow Field or Slow Cube) is a green cube with a gelatinous look, just about large enough to completely enclose objects the size of the Nightshade. Inside this cube, time is slowed by one eighth for projectiles and by one fifth for players and other objects. Flags and orbs only suffer 50% time dilation, to prevent them from staying there for an eternity after being dropped.

The Stasis Field's sides block hitscan shots from weapons and vehicles from both inside and outside the field. Hitscan weapons can still be used inside the stasis field, for example to set off a combo using a shock projectile that already floats inside the field. This property may even be used defensively for blocking off shots of the Darkwalker or Nemesis. It might actually be more effective for this purpose than a Shield Generator, which only lasts about 1.5 minutes and has a limited amount of health.

If the Stasis Field doesn't touch any players or game objectives (power nodes, barricades, flag bases, etc.) it will last for three minutes. Each player and vehicle in the field drains 3 seconds of the field's life time per (non-slowed) second, each game objective drains 4.5 seconds per second.


UT3 ShapedCharge.png
Effect: Destroys barricades and causes massive damage to other objects.

The shaped charge is a hand-carried detonation pack that can be used to clear battlefield obstructions, such as blockades.
UT3 manual

A plastic explosive that can be detonated to do massive damage in an area, the Shaped Charge can destroy barricades in Warfare, which may trigger special events in some maps. The only alternatives for tearing down barricades are the Redeemer and the Leviathan's ion cannon.

A single shaped-charge pack can do up to 1200 points of damage. This is enough for destroying most vehicles and even power nodes with a single blow. Power cores are heavily damage by a shaped-charge, if a team allows an opponent carrying it to reach the base.


UT3 EMPMine.jpg
Effect: Disables nearby vehicles.
Duration: 1 minute

The Electromagnetic Pulse Mine is used to defend against enemy armor. When an enemy vehicle comes within range of the mine's proximity sensors, the mine detonates with a single wide-area EMP burst. This pulse triggers fail-safe ejection systems on any nearby vehicles, and also shuts down their computer systems, making the vehicles useless until they reboot.
UT3 manual

A small, fairly inconspicuous mine is laid down when this is deployed. Any enemy vehicles that move within a radius of approximately the Stasis Field and/or Energy Shield will trigger the mine, ejecting the driver and passengers from the vehicle and locking it for about 20 seconds. A Viper or Scorpion launched for self-destruct will explode immediately when hit by an EMP. Any players traversing on hoverboards will be knocked off of them.

Shield Generator

Shield Generator
UT3 ShieldGenerator.jpg
Effect: Blocks weapon fire.
Duration: up to 1.5 minutes

The shield generator creates a massive multi-faceted shield that stops all weapon fire but allows passage of soldiers and vehicles.
UT3 manual

The shield generator creates a blue spherical shield with open top and bottom, which is slightly larger than a Stasis Field. Players and vehicles can pass through the shield barrier, but weapon fire is blocked. The shield can sustain 4000 points of damage before collapsing.

X-Ray Field

X-Ray Field
UT3 XRayField.jpg
Effect: Slows down and damages players.
Duration: up to 3 minutes

The X-Ray Field comes with the Titan Pack. It can be dropped by the Axon Stealthbender and is also available as pickup on some maps like DM-EdenInc.

The X-Ray Field is similar to the Stasis Field in that it slows down players inside and consumes more of its power supply while touching players or objectives. However, the X-Ray Field only affects players themselves, no vehicles or projectiles. The players are not only slowed down, but also damaged. Even inside a vehicle players will take damage, while the vehicle stays intact.

Link Generator

Link Generator
UT3 LinkGenerator.jpg
Effect: Heals or damages vehicles.
Duration: up to 5 minutes

The Link Generator comes with the Titan Pack and can be dropped by the Axon Stealthbender. It heals friendly vehicles and damages enemy vehicles in range, very similar to the Link Gun beam. Unlike the Link beam, the Link Generator does not automatically take over team ownership of empty enemy vehicles. The Link Generator can handle up to five vehicles at the same time. Friendly vehicles are healed at a rate of 50 points per second, but the Link Generator only has a charge for 5000 points of healing, after which it will immediately shut down. Damaging enemy vehicles does not use up this supply.