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The Stealthbender is an Axon vehicle enhanced with Necris technology, that was supposed to be available in the Unreal Tournament 3 campaign mode after completing a certain mission.

Right now, my favorite vehicle is the Stealthbender, which is a Hellbender hybrid that's been mutated by Necris technology. I really like that thing, because it deploys things like teleporters and all these different things on the map. Just in general, having a stealth-based vehicle is fun.

The vehicle's bigger part of the content was removed from the original game before shipping and the only leftovers were some non-functional classes. The announcements such as "Stealthbender available" were also left in the game. The StealthBender has been replaced in functionality (as described by Jeff Morris above) by the Necris Nightshade.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack

UT3 stealthbender.png
Health: 600
Number of Seats: 1
Driver Abilities: Lay Deployables, Heal Nodes/Vehicles
Main Uses: Support, Defense, Anti-Infantry

The UT3 Titan Pack brings the Stealthbender back into the game. It is basically the Axon Hellbender modified to match the Necris Nightshade. The side turret fires a link beam that can heal nodes and other vehicles and the rear turret has been replaced with a Necris-style deploying/cloaking mechanism.

Using the Stealthbender

Like its Necris counterpart, the Stealthbender is initially invisible after entering it and can be made visible again via AltFire to gain some movement speed. The Jump key activates the deploying mechanism if the Stealthbender has stopped. Press Jump again to abort deploying, or look around to find a decent deployment spot and press fire to drop a deployable object. The Stealthbender can drop two Spider Mine traps, an EMP mine, an X-Ray Field and a Link Station.

Going against the Stealthbender

  • basically the same as the Nightshade here