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UT3 nemesis.png
Health: 600
Number of Seats: 1
Driver Abilities: fire, zoom, change stance
Main Uses: attack, defense, deterence

Basic Information

The Nemesis is the unholy spawn of a mobile turret and a main battle tank.

Two segmented hover treads, separated by a glowing nanocore propulsion engine, creep across any terrain in a nearly organic fashion. The center piece of the Nemesis is an actuated plasmid turret capable of attacking in any of three transforming configurations. When compacted, the turret locks into a forward facing position and all energy is funneled into the hover treads. This dramatically lowers the overall profile of the vehicle and allows for a great boost in speed. When fully engaged, the turret rises up to great heights, and the plasmid energy of the nanocore can be seen from great distances.

Such a sight should be taken as a warning, as a Nemesis turret in this state is capable of delivering a rapid fire plasma beam with immense power and devastating accuracy.
UT3 manual


Using the Nemesis

The Nemesis has three stances that affect its turret and maneuverability. From the default position pressing the jump key raises the turret and increases the rate of fire to devastating levels at the cost of slowing the vehicles movement to a crawl. Pressing jump or crouch in this stance will revert the vehicle to its default stance. Pressing crouch while in the default stance will greatly increase the speed and reduce the profile of the Nemesis but locks the turret to face only where the vehicle is pointing. It should be noted that driving about in this stance for long periods is not recommended for combatants with motion sickness.

The Nemesis is primarily a long range support vehicle. The better its positioning, the more effective it is. Ideally players should find a good vantage point where they can quickly retreat or retract behind cover. Learning when to change stance based on the situation is crucial. Players who know the map well will be much more effective at providing suppressive fire than their less enlightened counterparts. Players with good aim can easily take out incoming AVRiL's if they know where the missile is coming from (look for the laser).

Going against the Nemesis

The Nemesis is probably the most uncomfortable Necris vehicle to fight against. The plasmid turret turns all but the most durable armor into swiss cheese in seconds, however there are a few effective strategies on how to deal with them. Remember, if it can't see you it can't shoot you.

If you happen to be carrying an AVRiL with at least three shots the Nemesis shouldn't be that much of a problem. Simply fire your missile high into the sky and point your crosshair at the Nemesis. This will lock the missile on without showing your position with the tracking laser. Once the anti vehicle missile is flying towards the Nemesis feel free to forget about it. Most of the time the Nemesis will not be able to move out of the missiles way fast enough, even if it isn't locked on. Repeat as needed.

The Nemesis also suffers from a poor turret rotation speed. If you can get close enough to it you can run circles around the thing on foot or with an agile vehicle. The problem is closing the distance. Try to use flanking maneuvers, most Nemesis drivers are notoriously unaware of their surroundings when firing at distant objects so strike hard and fast. The Viper or Scorpion's kamikaze ability is quite useful in this circumstance.