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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#Torlan.
Thanks to stringent monitoring by the New Earth Government, all three Corporations have used the fields of the Torlan Delta to power their combined mining efforts. But with the recent threat of full scale war, N.E.G. forces have pulled out, and everyone is scrambling to take control of this valuable territory.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Torlan, Torlan Double Prime, Torlan Short, Torlan Classic
Players 8-12
Music Skyward
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Warfare

Map Description

Torlan in Unreal Tournament III looks almost nothing like ONS-Torlan from Unreal Tournament 2004; while many things were kept the same, such as but not limited to the placement of vehicles at each Core and for the most part every Node as well as the weapons at the weapon lockers, it was completely rebuilt from scratch, and has a few new things of note.

Changes towards the UT2004 version

  • New East Road and West Road Nodes: Perhaps the most significant addition would be the East and West Road nodes. While the West Road node is north of the South Tank Node (PowerNode 4 in UT2004), the East Road Node is on the opposite side of the map.
  • Cicada replaces Manta, HellBender and Raptor: Instead of the extra vehicles on/nearby the bridge by the Center Road Node, there is now a Cicada. The Cicada can be driven by whoever controls the Node.
  • Berserk replaces Damage Amplifier: There is now a berserk at the Center Road Node instead of a Double Damage powerup (Damage Amp in UT3). The berserk is on top of the bridge by tremendous amounts of ammunition for various weapons.
  • Tropical Desert theme dropped: The Tropical Desert theme that was present in UT2004 was dropped and replaced with a more lush, rocky theme that saw an increase in foliage and water flow; water was significantly present, flowing from the south Prime Node, past the Center Road Node, and to the north Prime Node. Players could swim in the water at each Prime Node, which allowed for better tactical defence. As a result from all of these changes, the map was obviously much larger than the UT2004 version.

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Shock Rifle 9 In a Weapon Locker at each Node and Core
Link Gun 9 In a Weapon Locker at each Node and Core
Flak Cannon 8 In a Weapon Locker at each Node and Core, except the top.
AVRiL 3 One at each Core; ammo at each Prime Node.
In a Weapon Locker at the top.
Sniper Rifle 2 Accessible by Jump Pad at each Core (with ammo); beside Jump Boots.
Redeemer 1 - One at the top of the tower.


Pickup Count Location
Health Pack Numerous at each Core and Prime Node as well as the Center Road node.
Big Keg O' Health 2 One at each Core by jump-pad to the Sniper Rifle and Jump Boots.
Armor 2 One at each Prime Node.
Shield Belt 1 One at the top of the tower.
Jump Boots 2 Accessible by Jump Pad at each Core.
Berserk 1 One at the bridge over the river where the Center Road Node is located; a.k.a under the tower.


Vehicle/Turret Count Location
Manta 8 One at each Core
One at each Prime Node
One at each Tank Node
One at the West Road Node.(*)
One at the East Road Node.
Scorpion 4 One at each Prime Node
2 at the Center Road Node.
Hellbender 2 One at each Core.
Goliath 2 One at each Tank Node.
Raptor 2 One at each Core.
SPMA 2 One at the West Road Node.(*)
One at the East Road Node.(*)
Cicada 1 One at the bridge over the Center Road Node.

(*) Not available in Torlan_Classic.


  • If you get the Redeemer and plan to destroy a Node with it, do not fire it from the tower; it is highly noticeable and gives sharpshooters ample time to take it out.

Campaign Info

Advance teams established an improvised base on the border, but Axon forces are amassing a huge force across the central gorge. We need to destroy the enemy core to establish a firm command of the area. When the N.E.G. pulled out, they left a support node intact hidden underneath the bridge. If we can take that node, we'll get some extra firepower we can use against the core.

Mission Objectives

  • Link together Nodes to access the enemy Core.
  • A Support Node below the central bridge will provide your team with extra

fire power.

Voice Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Othello: Didn't we already do this?
Jester: Talk about deja-vu.
Bishop: We face horror and death wrought by man, and call it war.

With the nodes 5 and 6 taken:

Jester: Don't ignore those side nodes. Nothing beats the tank.
Othello: You know it!
Bishop: Fly forth on the wings of justice.

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