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This riverfront structure commands an impressive view of the Absalom skyline, and the Touched gather nearby to commune with the Prophet. There is a direct connection to the sublevels of Old Absalom here, and its endless supply of nanoblack. The architecture is constantly growing and transforming, rebuilding itself to an unknown purpose.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Sentinel
Players 2-6
Music NecrisAttacks
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups



Pickup Count Location
Armor 1
Shield Belt 1
UDamage 1


Campaign Info

Akasha's been using this area as a safe-house. Hiding from us, the necris priests, even the phayder who sent her to Taryd in the first place. Now she's trapped. No support, no hope of escape. This is where it ends.


So far, the team got Akasha locked down in Omicron-6. Meanwhile, in Taryd...

Phayder officer: Full release of liability, covenant not to sue, as we discussed.
Malcolm: And when they have finished with this 'rogue' inquisitor? That's your decision. I understand the penalty for outworlder trespass with the Necris is rather high.
Phayder officer: Naturally, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

(Malcolm changes the screen to watch the situation of the Ronin team on Omicron-6)

Malcolm: A real disposable asset. Tough break, kid.

(Back on Omicron)

Jester: This place should be crawling with Black Legion by now.
Reaper: We haven't exactly been subtle.

(Something/someone watches from above)

Jester: Something's wrong. Feels like a trap.
Othello: Aww, why you gotta ruin it?
Bishop: Found her. Four exits, four of us. Every eye shall see her.
Othello: I know the drill. Y'all spread wide, I'll flush her out.
Reaper: No. This is my job.

(Reaper's teammates acknowledge that)

Reaper: Let's end it.

Mission Objectives

  • Kill Akasha.

Win the match to complete the Campaign and unlock Akasha.

Voice Chat

(At the beginning of the match)

Reaper: No escape this time. You answer to me.
Akasha: My patience for games has worn thin.

(After each frag from Reaper)

(Second frag) Reaper: Not long now.
(Fourth frag) Reaper: Know that you have forced my hand in this.
(Seventh frag) Reaper: No more running, Akasha.
(Tenth frag) Reaper: You look lonely... where are the Phayder now?
(Thirteenth frag) Reaper: I will have my revenge!
(Fifteenth frag) Reaper: A past wrong, righted.

(After each frag from Akasha)

(First frag) Akasha: You die quickly... like your family.
(Third frag) Akasha: There is no honor for you here.
(Fifth frag) Akasha: Fool, you still serve the Izanagi.
(Seventh frag) Akasha: You've come so far, just to die alone.
(Ninth frag) Akasha: Your Gods have abandoned you.
(Eleventh frag) Akasha: We shall cleanse this planet. The Prophet wills it to be so.
(Thirteenth frag) Akasha: I am the Deathbringer.


Akasha falls to the ground. Reaper screams, finally having achieved it's objective. Or is it?

Reaper: You dead? ... Huh?

(Reaper starts kicking Akasha and smashing his rocket launcher into her head)

Reaper: Guess so

(Reaper tries to contact his teammates)

Reaper: She's down. The bitch is finally down.

(In that moment, some Necris soldiers appear.)

Reaper: Ronin, sound off.

(One of them drops from above her almost-dead sister. Reaper's teammates have been killed.)

Jester: Told you... it was a trap...

(Jester dies)

Reaper: Jester... My little Sarah... I'm so sorry.

(Reaper is surrounded by Necris soldiers)

Reaper: Only one person knew our plans. That makes you next... Malcolm.

Reaper then prepares his Rocket Launcher and ends trying to kill as many Necris soldiers as possible. Did he survived? No one knows.

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