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UT3 Act 3

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After defeating Axon, the company and Izanagi did a treaty. The Ronin team (except Reaper) discusses this:

Othello: A treaty with the Axon? Oh, man, we were right up in their junk!
Jester: In their what? (Laughs) Yeah, I guess we were...
Othello: You need to talk with your brother. He's like some nutcase on a holy war.

(Othello looks at Bishop)

Othello: Uh. No offense.
Bishop: Infidel.

(Back on topic)

Othello: Don't get me wrong, I like a little action... but this is bullshit!

(Suddenly, Reaper appears, and everyone walks to the Izanagi HQ)

Reaper: It's not bullshit. Fighting Axon in the first place, that was bullshit.
Othello: Yeah! ... What??
Reaper: There's a reason we drive Axon vehicles... they're the best. And we'll need them to fight the Necris.
Jester: If they can afford Malcolm, they can buy a few tanks, right?
Bishop: They did buy them. With soldier's blood instead of Caesar's coin.
Othello: Always politics...
Reaper: I don't give a damn about politics. (Pulls a picture of Akasha from his back) This is why I'm here.
Othello: That's the skank that jumped us!

(Malcolm appears in the briefing room)

Malcolm: That 'skank' is a Necris High Inquisitor. Name's Akasha. She handles non-military ops like the one on Twin Souls.
Jester: So she slaughters civilians for a living. Nice.
Malcolm: I want this chick too. But so far the Necris have stayed out of the fight.
Reaper: So let's take the fight to their homeworld. See how they like it.
Bishop: Lead us them to a martyr's death...
Malcolm: We've kept the fight under the N.E.G.'s radar. But this new alliance may fool the Phayder into making a mistake... like open warfare. We need more Tarydium to keep our tanks rollin'. The Liandri have plenty, so we're takin' it. Suit up, quit, I don't care. But Izanagi's still got a war to fight.
Othello, Jester, Bishop and Reaper: Yes, sir.

(Malcolm retires from the briefing room)

Reaper: Don't worry, I'm not on a holy war. I just want to kill this bitch.

This time, the battle focuses on the Liandri. This chapter is extremely convoluted, sometimes there're plenty of choices to take.

Main Route

Route 3.1

Route 3.1.1


Route A:

Route B:


Route 3.1.2


Route C:

Route D:

Route 3.2

Route 3.2.1


Route 3.2.2


Route E:

Route F:



  • (*) Obtains Heavy Armor: Increases the armor of your vehicles by 40%.
  • (**) Obtains Liandri Reinforcements: Gain 2 Liandri security bots in the next mission.

Unlockable Characters

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