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UT3 Act 5

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Taryd's combined forces of the N.E.G., Izanagi, Axon and Liandri pushed back the Necris to their homeworld. Malcolm is ready to celebrate the victory of Izanagi, but the Ronin team isn't pleased.

Malcolm: Worked like a charm - we pushed hard, the Necris got stupid... and the N.E.G. stepped in.
Reaper: So the war is just... over?
Malcolm: Unless you want to take on the whole Earth military. Heh.
Bishop: The horridan Akasha roams free, our swords wasted on Axon and Liandri.
Malcolm: Wasted? Hell now, Izanagi came out way ahead, thanks to y'all. Just wait 'til the bonus plan kicks in.
Othello: Surprise, more political b.s.
Bishop: Patience. Every sinner shows in my sights, eventually.
Reaper: So that's it, then.
Malcolm: Add in a few reconstruction contracts, that could mean another sweet bonus.
Reaper: You're not listening. THAT. IS. IT. We are leaving, right now, to do what we should have done from the start.

(Things get serious)

Reaper: I need a ship. Get me one.
Malcolm: What, you're gonna catch Akasha and her posse in a drive-by? On the Necris homeworld?

(Reaper doesn't listen and keeps walking.)

Reaper: We've got a new mission. Volunteers only.
Jester: Huh? I though the war was over?
Reaper: I want skids up in ten minutes.
Jester: Yes, sir.
Reaper: Prep deep recon loadouts. We're going through that Jumpgate.

The Izanagi wants them to go back, but they don't listen. They go to the ship and cross the jumpship right to Omicron. This causes Izanagi to disavow any association with the Ronin team. And it gets worse from here.

As you may have noticed, now you're fighting in Omicron-6, Necris lands. The only vehicles available to you are the Necris ones. Your mission is to end Akasha once, and for all.

Main route

Route 5.1

Route 5.2


  • (*) Instagib: Next mission is played using Instagib rifles.

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