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UT3 Act 2

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After besting Jester, Reaper meets Malcolm at the Izanagi headquarters.

Reaper: Nice office
Malcolm: Some crib, huh?

(Malcolm approaches Reaper)

Malcolm: Name's Malcolm.
Reaper: Reaper.
Malcolm: Izanagi hired me to run Special Ops.
Reaper: That can't be cheap.

(Both of them walk outside while talking)

Malcolm: Sounds like you know my rep.
Reaper: Yeah, who doesn't? Most grand tournament trophies, ever. Leader of Thunder Crash, AKA 'Thunder Cash'...
Malcolm: Aight, I get it.
Reaper: ...all of which makes you a highly decorated... civilian.
Malcolm: I've run 'Thunder Cash' in the wackest conditions the Liandri could dream up... magma-filled volcanoes, zero gravity, fucked-up aliens, you name it. This shit here's a cakewalk.
Reaper: So that makes you a general.
Malcolm: Now, but the respawners completely changed the war... And nobody knows spawners like a tourney champ.
Reaper: Fair enouigh. So what do you want with me?
Malcolm: Izanagi bosses want surgical strikes to win this war.
Reaper: And they're cost-effective.
Malcolm: Yeah. Small team like yours, knows how to work together - a real asset...

(Here's where the things start to get... tense...)

Reaper: Heh, a real disposable asset.
Malcolm: Read it how you want. But now your team's with SpecOps.
Reaper: So the Ronin have a master, huh?
Malcolm: Damn, son, you ever shut up? We're goin' to war and I need you in my crew.
Reaper: Why? The Necris are the real threat, not the Axon.
Malcolm: They started this, wantin' our Tarydium. And we need their gear if we're gonna flex on the Necris.
Reaper: Fine. We'll be ready.
Malcolm: Listen. I heard what happened to your colony. I know you want blood. This job gets you there faster. Trust me.

Then starts the battle against Axon.

Main route

Route 2.1

Route 2.1.1


Route 2.1.2


Route 2.2

Route 2.2.1


Route 2.2.2



  • (*) Tactical Diversion: Reduces the number of opponents in the next match by 2.
  • (**) Enhanced Respawners: Increases your starting health in 25. In order to obtain it, you must come from 2.1.1 or 2.1.2.
  • (***) Iron Guard Reinforcements: Gain 2 Iron Guard allies in the next mission.

Unlockable characters

  • [*] Lauren: In order to obtain her from, you must come from 2.1.1 or 2.1.2.

Tips and additional info

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