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UT3 Act 4

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After Izanagi/Ronin defeated the Liandri, we're taken to a cutscene where we can appreciate the beautifulness of Taryd. The camera shifts it's focus to two soldiers. Then, suddenly, tentacles start falling from the sky. The same happens in two other places, an icy fortress, and a city. In the city, some Fury flyers unleash the chaos and destruction in the city. Darkwalkers start to contribute to the mayhem. In the icy fortress, troops of Necris soldiers covered by Nemesis wreak havoc. People in Torlan Delta gets wrecked. The Necris invasion of Taryd has begun.

Back in Taryd, we see Reaper and Malcolm discussing the situation with a "crapsack world" background:

Reaper: This isn't war - this is slaughter. You call this calculated losses? Collateral damage?
Malcolm: We didn't think they'd came this fast... attack every front...
Reaper: You wanted them to break the rules, start an open war... Take a look, you got your wish!
Malcolm: They came too fast... we didn't provoke this... they must have been preparing for years...
Reaper: Yeah, you blew it. But this was coming no matter what we did... Only one thing to do now. Let's kick some Necris ass.

Now the war is unleashed. You and your team have to kick the Necris out of Taryd. Permanently if possible. Plenty of the areas are now in possession of the Necris, and sometimes you have to learn how to drive their "new" vehicles.

Main Route

Route 4.1

Route 4.1.1


Route 4.1.2

Route 4.2

Route 4.2.1

Route 4.2.2




Unlockable Characters

  • [*] Kragoth
  • [**] Damian
  • [***] Malakai
  • [****] Scythe

Tips and additional info

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