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King of the Hill

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King of the Hill is a gametype of Unreal. It is the early version of the Unreal Tournament 2003 (and later) gametype Mutant. The game starts as in Deathmatch, but the first player that scored the first blood becomes the King of the Hill. He gets a red glow around him, exactly how the Energy Amplifier looks like, and all of his weapons do double damage. All other players try to kill the King of the Hill and take the crown. The points are counted like this:

  • The first kill is an ordinary 1 frag.
  • If a player kills the King of the Hill, he gets awarded by 5 frags.
  • The King of the Hill gets an ordinary frag for killing an enemy, but as he has double damage, he can kill enemies twice as fast.
  • Other players can kill each other for ordinary frags.