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Coop Game is a multiplayer gametype featured in Unreal and Unreal Tournament 3. Coop Game in Unreal can only be played online, not with bots. Coop Game in UT3 can be played up to 4 players, each one representing a member of Ronin. Coop game allows online players to make it trough the Single player campaign with their online friends. In a Coop Game, you are able to choose in wich level you want the game to start, so you aren't forced to start at the first level.


When a group of players play Coop Game, every player is considered as a Vortex Rikers prisonner, so everyone starts in the prison room and needs to escape the ship in order to fight in group against the monsters and bosses. You can start a Coop Game in any level of the game, however, all players will start with a Dispersion Pistol and the Universal Translator. To prevent players to "steal" weapons in the level from others, these weapons usually respawn every time a player takes it. There are other types of Coop mods that don't respawn all items for the sake of fairness - having several people in a match already makes enemies weaker.

In a Coop Game, there is always a kill limit. So if the players want to finish the level, they will always need the kill the fixed amount of monsters if they want the exit to open.

Unreal Tournament 3

Main Article: UT3 Single Player

See the main article for details. The single player campaign of UT3 can be played online, though as the single player campaign is more of a several practise matches tied together with a story, some people don't take UT3 Single Player as a true Coop.