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Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing (also known as LMS) is a gametype, introduced in Unreal Tournament. All players start the game with the same number of lives, all weapons with maximum ammo, and 100 armor. When a player dies he loses one life. Once all lives are lost, the player is "out" and may only watch others fight. After all players but one lose all their lives, the match ends and the last man standing - that is, the only one with lives left - is proclaimed the winner. This gametype plays similar to its DeathMatch counterpart except map control is nonexistent.


Last Man Standing is played on standard DeathMatch maps.


There's no pickups in this gametype, except for the AntiGrav boots.


This gametype is not very popular due to a couple of reasons. One of them is that camping significantly raises the odds of winning and leads to pretty boring gameplay. The second is that there's no such thing as joining the game in the middle of the match. Once you join a LMS server, you have to wait for the match to end to start playing, as joining late would provide an obvious advantage. Note that there's a "grace period" of some lives where if you join shortly after a match begins, you are allowed to join, but this grace period is limited, and joining later will make you wait for the next match.

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